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Andrew’s Library is one of the many libraries in Surat, but it dates back to 1850 when it was constructed, which makes it unique piece of history, architecture and knowledge. It is named after Andrew, a retired magistrate during that period. Rao Bahadur Naginchand Jhaveri, a wealthy pearl dealer who often contributed to the development of the city, helped in co-establishment of Andrew’s Library.


Andrew’s Library is situated in Chowk area, Surat. It is near the edge of Tapi river and opposite to the entrance of Surat Castle. Library was established on 1st July 1850. The first president of this library was Mr. Alexander Kinlock Farbers.

During the 2005 floods, entire Surat City was submerged in water. Places surrounding Tapi river, were severely impacted. One of such impact was seen on Andrew’s Library. As per the records, it is said around 25000 artifacts were lost or destroyed due to floods. It was such a huge loss.

Currently it is run by a group, who are working on restoring the premise as well as working to digitize the artifacts. We asked for a walk through the premise or a talk over the history, but currently they are not available for public demonstration. They asked us until the restoration work is completed. However you can look at the mesmerizing beauty and detailed craftsmanship of those time from the outside.


  • Tuesday to Saturday
    • 9am to 1pm & 3pm to 7pm
  • Sunday
    • 9am to 1pm
  • Library is closed on Monday.



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One thought on “Andrew’s Library | Heritage Site Surat”

  1. Good initiative Bhanu. Through your work it will be a good source of information about Surat city’s culture and history.


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