Vital Contribution from Surat in Chandrayaan-2 mission by ISRO

SURAT: When India becomes the fourth country in the world to soft land its Vikram lander and Pragyan rover on the lunar surface as part of its Chandrayaan-2 mission and conduct experiments on moon’s south polar region, a tiny component made in the Diamond City may have played a big role in this Indian Space Research Organisation’s achievement.

A private company located at Pandesara GIDC has made a protective ceramic (fire proof) component, which ISRO scientists call ‘Squib’. A part of the system of the rocket, it will protect wires and electrical apparatus from 2,500 degrees Celsius to 3,000 degrees Celsius temperature. Squib is a result of a quarter century of hard work of a local industrialist and scientists.

In the past, it was being imported by ISRO. The company was approached by ISRO scientists to take up the challenge in 1992. It manufactured the squib and supplied to ISRO in 1995.

The company’s managing director Nimesh Bachkaniwala told TOI, “It is a proud feeling as an Indian and also Gujarati. We have been supplying the fire proof ceramic component to ISRO for the past 25 years. Earlier, ISRO was importing this particular component, but when they saw our product they were satisfied with it.”

Bachkaniwala said foreign countries had stopped supplying this vital part for Indian space missions in 1992, which opened the door for us to manufacture the same for the rockets. Now, it is 25 years that the fire proof component of our company is being used for all the space missions of ISRO and even missile programmes of the country.

Bachkaniwala said, “We supply up to 6,000 components for a particular mission. It depends on the order given by ISRO. Since this is a classified information, I had to take permission from ISRO to share details with the media. Even my wife didn’t know that we were manufacturing such a component for ISRO until recently.

Bachkaniwala family was into textile machine manufacturing before Nimesh Bachkaniwala decided to diversify into ceramics sector.

Source : Times Of India

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