Surat to Ahmedabad GSRTC State Transport Bus Time Table, Fare, Routes

This post contains details like Timings, Fare, Duration, Bus Route and Type of bus of GSRTC buses between Surat to Ahmedabad.


GSRTC Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation connects various cities and villages in Gujarat and near by states like Maharashtra, MP and Rajasthan. GSRTC runs between all major cities of Gujarat and connects them with frequent buses of various kinds like EXPRESS, SLEEPER, VOLVO, AC SLEEPER and VOLVO SLEEPER among the others. GSRTC has adequate connectivity between major cities across 24 by 7 almost at a frequency of 30 minutes.

GSRTC runs around 222 buses between Surat to Ahmedabad. Along the route major halts include Bharuch, Vadodara (Baroda), Anand, Ahmedabad. Surat – Vadodara – Ahmedabad is the life-line route connecting Maharashtra with other parts of Gujarat as well as Rajasthan. Hence most of the buses run on this belt, whether they go to Bhuj, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Udaipur or Mumbai.

Total Buses on Surat to Ahmedabad route : 222 TRIPS

GSRTC Bus Type

Express and Gurjarnagri are seater buses with 3*2 arrangement generally. Sleeper are usually semi-axle or seater-cum-sleeper type of buses with 2*1 arrangement. Please check while booking for exact details as per the route. AC Sleeper and Volvo sleeper are spacious and luxury class buses designed for overnight and comfortable journey. Volvo buses are seater type buses, however they are comfortably designed for large footspace, suspension and amenities with charging plug and water. Always check before booking for seating arrangement, amenities, intermittent stops, boarding and drop points for a comfortable experience.

VOLVO459 Rs31

There are 4 Volvo sleeper buses running from Surat to Ahmedabad. These buses are scheduled to run after noon. There are no over night or early morning volvo sleeper buses on Surat Ahmedabad route. The fare is around 530 Rs to 565 Rs as listed below. Two buses start from Surat, so one can board peacefully from the Central Bus Stand. One bus that is scheduled at 3 PM goes to Kota and other goes to Jaipur scheduled at 4:01 PM. Two buses going towards Bhuj are in this class of travel, one starts from Mulund in Mumbai and the other starts from Vapi.

1500SRTKOTAVLVS03:00 PM4 hr 50 mins530 RsKOTA RJ
1601SRTJAYVLVS04:01 PM5 hr 15 mins530 RsJAIPUR
1430VPIBHJVLVSL05:50 PM6 hr 05 mins565 RsBHUJ
1600MLNDBHJACVL09:25 PM5 hr 35 mins540 RsBHUJ

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