Surat Air Quality Statistics, Air Pollution in Surat as of November 2019

Air Quality Index in Surat is hitting over 300 units in Limbayat zone, categorized as very poor quality.

Air pollution has become a rampant issue in the recent times in India, particularly in the major cities across the nation. Surat is also under the threat of air pollution, slowly reaching to the uncomfortable stage of very poor air quality. Observation of fog, smog and unclear sky during the early morning and late night has become frequent. Digging a little much into the statistics made the story clear and evident. Surat is becoming one of the polluted cities of India.

Surat Municipal Corporation manages various areas of cleanliness in city. It has setup an Environment cell, which caters to the issues and quality of water, air, noise and others in the city. Various projects are undertaken from time to time to maintain the quality of water and keeping the city clean. Under the department, similar steps are taken to monitor the air quality in the city with partnership from some educational research institutes providing valuable inputs and support. Such monitoring stations are placed at various points in the city and continous monitoring is done since few years and the data is provided to Gujarat Pollution Control Board, which is then sent to the central board, where the data is finally agreegated at national level.

Two such Air Quality monitoring stations are set up in the vicinity of the city and data is available to public online for information. SMC online portal provides this details on timely update as well as chart showing the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) for 24 hours. The devices are set up at Limbayat and Varachha areas.

Air Quality Index in Varachha is satisfactory during the day and night, however the readings in Limbayat fluctuate over the day from satisfactory to poor to very poor. Last night, that is on 11-Nov-2019, the readings reached above 310 units from usual 90 units during the day. The major concern is the amount of CO2, PM2.5 and PM10 that is considerably high. Along with the concentration of SO2, all this toxic gases and particles make it very difficult to breath as the AQI increases. It can causes damage such as breathing issues, nauseu, headaches on prolongated exposure to such toxic environment over multiple.

What is PM2.5

PM2.5 is atmospheric particulate matter that is smaller than 2.5 micrometers.

What is PM10

PM10 is atmospheric particulate matter that is smaller than 10 micrometers.

As it can be seen below, the AQI went from 212 to 268 to 309 during the hours from 9PM to 10 PM to 11 PM respectively.

You can find the details of Air Quality Statistics on Surat Municipal Portal.


It will be interesting to find the root cause of the severe change in the air quality in this area, as the near by Varachha readings are pretty normal and satisfactory over the day and night. Speculations by experts in city point towards the growth in industrial wastes while the government officials quote the increase in population, vehicles, construction sites as the main reason. If the quality of air continous to be getting adverse day by day, then a serious probe into the cause might be the only resort left. As we it deals with impact over all the citizens living in these areas, it is much of a concern in long run.

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