Procedure for WES evaluation for Canada – VNSGU

Some Universities provide Transcripts and/or WES evaluation for US and Canada by visiting in primese as well as from online application of University Portal, however for VNSGU Surat one must visit University premises itself. There is no facitility of Online Portal application for transcripts or WES Evaluationa as of November 2019.

The procedure for obtaining transcripts might change with respect to each college, however we are providing higher level steps for obtaining transcripts and completing WES evaluation. This procedure keeps on changing slightly and getting a bit smooth, every few months, so try to visit University Premise or verify by calling the concerned department.


  • Get transcript from your college or university department
  • You will have to provide Xerox copies of your Marksheets and Degree certificate to the concern person along with some fees.
  • You will recieve the transcript within (3-7 days based on the person), follow up with them for expediting the process.
  • The transcript must be verified with all your scores, exam dates, course dates and degree semesters.

Get multiple Xerox copies of your – Marksheets, Degree Certificates, Transcripts once you obtain them.

Touch Points to process WES for Canada from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU), Surat

  • Transcripts from college or department
  • Verification of transcripts
  • Verification of marksheet from Examination department (106 Room – Examination Building)
  • Verification of degree certificate from Convocation department (207 Room – Examination Building)


  • 100 Rs for 3 copies of Transcript
  • 150 for every marksheet ( for eg if you have 8 marksheet for 4 years of engineering, then it will cost 150*8 = 1200)
  • 150 for every transcript ( for eg if you have Masters degree, then you will have 2 Transcripts, one for BSc n one for MSc 2*150=300Rs)
  • 2000 Rs will be charged for sending those verified documents to WES Canada as per the details filled in WES Application Request Form

All payments will be accepted only from the Payment counter in the ground floor of Main Building near the parking lot. You will have to do a lot of to and fro, to avoid multiple to and fro follow the below steps.

  • Take 5 copies of your Marksheets and Degree Certificates.
  • Visit your college/department for Transcript.
  • Fill form for transcript and submit it along with a copy of your marksheets+degree (if required)
  • Once you fill the form, if you are from university, then you will be asked to do the payment of 100Rs from the payment counter in the ground floor of Main building. If you are from respective college, you will have to follow accordingly.
  • Once payment is done, the officer will take a 3-7 working days to complete transcript. You must verify all details related to your semester, dates, scores, seat no, student id and other details provided and cross check with your marksheets. Once your verify, the transcripts will be duly signed by the college department HoD.
  • Step 1 completed. Transcripts received duly signed by HoD.
  • Now you need to visit University with two copies of transcripts, marksheets, degree certificates, government approved ID card like PAN, Aadhar, DL as well as WES application form for Canada, if you have Masters degree then you need to fill two different form for UG n PG, so accordingly take two printout.
  • Visit examination building in VNSGU University and go to room 106 on first floor. Ask for WES Canada application procedure and you will be provided with a form from University.
  • Fill that form, WES form, attach transcripts original, photocopies of transcripts, marksheets, degree certificates.

DISCLAIMER : The fees mentioned may vary with time and depend on the college or degree you have completed. We have covered or provided the values for basic understanding of the cost of WES evaluation. Final stand of process and fees, will be as per when you are applying. Posted in Nov 2019

Feel free to post your queries below. Also share your experience and any deviation you observed in the process during the latest application.

39 thoughts on “Procedure for WES evaluation for Canada – VNSGU”

  1. it compulsory to send transcripts to WES? As when I serach for Wes required documents on website, I found two(degree certificates and marksheets/statement of marks)
    I am not getting is this means transcripts or only marksheets copies?


    1. As per the latest update on WES, it is not mandatory to send transcripts. But you can follow the norm as being followed at the University.

      It is preferable to keep your record clean and your mind calm, so avoid any confusion.

      As long as WES is concerned they only want records – Marksheets and Certificates.

      Final decision at your discretion.


      1. is there anyone who will do all this procedure behalf of me bcoz right now i am in new zealand
        and i will pay all expenses


  2. I have been informed by Immigration consultancy that Transcripts are not required if you have all marksheets. And I am planning to visit university soon for this. Can you guide on this part whether I can visit university directly without visiting college and get my degree and marksheet assessment done. Need to confirm whether University is asking anything from college because my college and university are in different cities.


    1. Things have evolved a bit from last time. Process has been smoothened out as heard from other folks.

      If you can manage to take transcript from your college before hand as you are planning your trip, then it is better to keep it handy, even though it is clear that they are not being requested from WES.

      In case you are asked to bring it then you might have to go back. You can take your stand if you are confident that you don’t want to send transcripts.

      Let us know how is your latest experience of VNSGU so it is clear to other aspirants.



    1. Attested copies are not valid in other countries.

      It’s better to send original transcript or just submit the WES form at VNSGU as per latest process and get the documents verified and sent by University itself.


      1. Thanks for your reply.Can we ask university to send our marriage certificate ,passport copy along with the documents since educational documents has name before marriage and currently passport name is after marriage.Because in the Wes form there is an option of previous names as well.Can we mention in that ?


  3. Hello Bhanu,

    I want to know does they change process for WES in VNSGU during this Covid-19 time? I want to have it evaluated for my Canada PR application.


    1. Hello
      I do not have any official update because there is no such portal as of now.

      However things are functioning as is but with a little delay or postponed regarding other activities related to admissions, process and so on in VNSGU.

      So most likely no major change would be there regarding WES especially pertaining to COVID19. However delay is expected.

      WES provides clear update on their side –

      No such direct update available for VNSGU online.
      If you happen to visit in premises, share your experiences for other applicants.


  4. Hi I am in Delhi so I asked them if I can send the docs via courier ,they were ok with it. Somehow now their phone is not working now. How do I get in touch with them.


    1. Hello
      Please call during office hours and may be check in the link mentioned above for contact number.

      Also I am not sure if I understand your query completely.


  5. Hi,

    I already have my marksheets and degree certificate and If I send copies to the responsible perosn because I am not in India right now. so, Would I stll need to verify them for WES canada Procedure? Also, If I require new one in that case Can I request it from University directly? Or I must visit college first in order to request for Transcripts and Marksheet because my college and university are in different cities.
    Quick reply would be really appreciated.
    Thank you.


    1. If you are planning to go to Canada then you will have to undergo WES Canada procedure. It is one way for other countries to validate the certificates.

      I am not sure what you mean by new one ?

      – In either case, you must either get the certificates validate by self or by authorized person from University. For transcripts and latest process – please check with University or ask someone to check with University by reaching out to Marksheet team in the links provided in comments above.


  6. Thank you for your quick response!
    I am already in Canada right now and want to do WES procedure by sending authorized person to University. I wasn’t clear in the first question I guess But what I meant by “new one ” is that I already have my marksheets and a degree certificate here. So, Is it okay if I scan them and send them to authorized person to use them for verification.


    1. I would suggest to give it a try by sending authorization letter, multiple photocopies of Marksheets and certificates, ID proofs both of candidate and authorized person by visiting the premise.

      Based on the recent developments and process it may be clear.

      In any case, University will send Marksheets and certificates from their end and that’s why the fees.

      All the best.


    2. Hi Krishna

      Would you please let me know how it went for you? My situation is similar like yours like I am in canada and wanna do wes.


      1. Keep posted on your experience so other interested candidates can get fair idea on recent process and particular scenario.

        All the best.


  7. I am in Canada right now and I have made an account on wes for my era report I have already uploaded my degree certificate and they also need the statement of marks from the University(vnsgu) …it could be a great help if someone could guide me on how to get those documents from them also get it mailed to wes from university itself.


    1. As mentioned in the post, you/authorized person from you need to visit University for WES procedure. After filling the form and payment of fees, along with photocopies of Marksheets and ID proof, visit the Examination section in University.

      By submitting all of the above, University will be able to send the required documents to WES Canada in a sealed envelope.


    2. Hi Purvaja,

      I really appritiate if you can share what exactly you did ? I mean they need original marksheets? I am also in canada and confused about the process to be done at vnsgu. Your help is really appritiated.

      Thank you


  8. Hi Bhanu,
    I have BSC in chemistry from VNSGU. DO you have any idea, that in WES I will get equivalency as 4 year BSC in Canada? I heard that, during WES 3 years BSC from VNSGU is not valid or equivalent as 4 year bsc in Canada. Any insight on this will be helpful from you guyss…


  9. Hi Bhanu,
    Is it mandatory to submit all years marksheets?
    VNSGU only accepted my Third year marksheet and degree. They said only two documents are required for WES.


    1. Not sure about any recent update, if you spoke to official then it be so.
      The process keeps updating every few months, so it’s better to check as per the current update.
      All the best for your trials.


      1. Dear Sir,
        This is a complaint regarding harassment financially and physically done to my old age parents by VNSGU transcript verification department.

        This dept is making delay for my transcript verification procedure for WES Canada for different reason every time and making my old age parents frequent unnecessary visit to university since a month.

        My father paid all the fees for the procedure, received the transcript from respected collage (Bachelor and Masters) went to this department. First they said ‘All is ok’. After few days they called back and asked my parents that 2nd year BSc. marksheet has middle name difference ( instead of ‘kumar’ , there is a ‘bhai’ on only 1 marksheet) and they need it to be corrected before signed. Though all other 8 marksheets has correct same middle name ‘kumar’, they didn’t verify the bachelor’s transcript. When my father again went with affidavit and other required form they asked for, he was again sent home by saying that, now they require 10th 12th marksheet.

        That is totally intolerable harassment to my old age father.
        Please help me regarding this matter. Can you please let me know what document actually required to verify transcript?

        The WES only require transcript and degree certificate to check all marks, graduation year is correct or not. I think the department already knows this, still delaying my application.



  10. Hi Bhanu and other members, Do you any idea about the working days or working time of VNSGU. I will be travelling from Ahmedabad. Please help.


  11. Hi,
    Can you please let us know if you had completed ECA process from VNSGU?
    Any update about ECA process.
    Do We need to give only 3rd year marksheet & degree certificate?


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