Surat RTO – Address Change in RC Book, Process, Fees, Online Application, Documents and Address

Surat RTO – Process for Address Change in RC Book

What is the process for Address Change in RC Book under Surat RTO ?

  • Apply online for Address Change in RC Book as mentioned below in detail
  • Take printout of Form 33 from online portal as well as the payment receipt
  • Sign at the designated location
  • Carry all original documents for address proof, ID proof, Bike Insurance certificate, PUC along with photocopies which are self-attested (signature on xerox copies)
  • You need to take chassis print on Form 33. Check how to get a chassis print on Form 33.
  • Also carry original RC Smart Card, which you need to place in a plastic enclosure, which will be stapled along with the Form 33.
  • Go to Surat RTO office located at Pal RTO. Old RTO is closed.
  • Visit office at First floor and follow the queue to submit your application and get all documents verified. Visit at early hours such at between 10am-11am.
  • If you carry all documents properly, your visit to RTO office would only take around 1-2 hour. If you choose to pay offline at RTO Office, then you will have to stand in another queue for payments, which may take you another 1-2 hours.

Which documents needs to be carried/submitted for Address Change of RC Book ?

  • Printout of filled application Form 33
  • Chasis print on Form 33
  • Original RC Book (Smart Card in Surat)
  • Photocopy of Bike Insurance Certificate/Policy (Xerox)
  • Photocopy of PUC latest (Xerox)
  • Photocopy of current address proof like Voter ID, Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Property Tax Bill. RTO officers do not accept Aadhar Card for address proof (Controversial but carry other address proof to avoid rejection). You can however use Aadhar card for ID proof.

How to apply online for Address Change of RC Book under Surat RTO ?

  • Visit Parivahan Government Website
  • Click on Vehicle Registration Related Services
  • Select other states if you are applying for Surat RTO or go directly here
  • Enter your vehicle registration number in the field and click on Proceed. Enter the number without spaces or dashes. eg GJ05AB1234
  • It will prompt with details of your number and some details. Verify your name is correct and click on proceed.
  • Navigate Online Services — Misc (Change of Address)
  • Enter last 5 digits of your Chassis number. You can find this details on your RC book. Then click on Validate.
  • Once your details are validate, you will see details of Address as per RTO records. You can update your current and permanent address. Based on the details provided, you will find the fees populated below. Choose Surat RTO in the drop down for RTO Location.
  • Click on confirm after you check the details like House number, city, Pincode. The click on Submit.
  • Pay online via netbanking or SBI gateway. Be careful to not click on refresh or back button. It will be a mess to retrieve/track/followup with RTO for refund.
  • After completion of payment, you will receive a payment receipt. Take printout of payment receipt. Also take printout of Form 33 – this will be your application. Sign Form 33. If you have Loan on your vehicle, then you will have to collect NOC from your Financier.

What is the application fees for Address Change in RC Book ?

Online application fees cost 350 Rs for Address Change in RC Book, which includes 150 Rs processing fee for change in address and 200 Rs for Smart Card. You may incur extra charges for delays or pending amounts or other fees if any.

What are the timings at Surat RTO Location?

Surat RTO office timings are from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday. 2nd and 4th Saturday & Sundays it is closed. Lunch hour starts at 2pm. It may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for work to resume after lunch break.

Can I book online appointment for Address Change in RC Book at Surat RTO ?

As of November 2019, when this post is composed, online appointment for document verification or visit to RTO office is not available. You will have to walk-in to office and follow the queue.

What is Chassis print for Form 33. How to take Chassis print.

Chassis number is an identification number of youmr bike. You will find it near the ride side of rode connecting the handle or in the storage case (dikki) on the back side. Try to google the chassis location for the bike model. Once you find the location clean it.

Then you need to get that printed on Form 33. Try to test first on a sample paper multiple times until you get hold of it. Check out this youtube video. As you get the idea of how to do it well, take the Form 33 and get the Chassis print on your application form. Kudos.

Where is Surat RTO located, provide complete address?

Surat RTO is located at Pal RTO. Below is the complete address. You can take BRTS bus number 14, 17A, 658. The bus station to get down is Pal RTO BRTS. You can get auto to Pal RTO. Do not go to old RTO office located at Ring Road near Majuragate. That office is closed. If you go from Ring Road and cross Tapi River from Sardar bridge or PD Cable bridge, take a left after you get down on the other side of the River in Adajan and travel for around 1 km or so, you will be able to see Pal RTO office on the left. There are many agents who sit on the road side.

Surat Pal RTO Office,
Hazira-Adajan Road,
Near Pal RTO BRTS,
Surat, Gujarat

Please post your experience below. Comment below for any queries related to RTO application, documentation or any other. Happy and Safe Driving.

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