Surat RTO, Backlog entry for Driving License Details in Gujarat

If you are not able to find your driving license details on online portal at that is because your details are not registered in central repository database. In that case you will have to visit RTO for getting backlog entry done for your Driving License. The process is simple.

  • Collect backlog entry form from Xerox shop at the entrance of RTO office. (5Rs)
  • Get a photocopy of your Driving License.
  • Fill in the details in the form like your Name, DoB, Blood group and others
  • Go to Sarathi department on ground floor and get the token number from the Security Guard.
  • Get your form verified at Counter 1 near the entrance.
  • Wait for your turn in the queue. Carry form, DL Xerox and Original Driving License – Counter 10
  • Once the officer enters the details you have to get the Xerox of Form which contains the application number, along with the photocopy of DL.
  • Go to Counter 21 and submit photocopy of your Form and DL.
  • Wait for one day and your application will be approved.
  • You can apply for Services related to DL online now.

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