History of Maskati Hospital 1864 Cholera Outbreak

Surat is in lockdown from 25th March 2020 due to the global pandemic COVID19 caused by novel-corona virus SARS-CoV-2. As we all stay at home and take care of our family and dear ones, it is good to visit some episodes in the history of this city, that has always risen after challenging situations be it floods, plague or epidemics.


As we adopt to new way of living with the rise of corona cases across the world, we can learn some valuable lessons from the chapters in history. Here is one such story of an hospital in Surat, which was constructed during the 1864 Cholera outbreak with the help of donations. Such stories create a sense of motivation for us to know, we as human kind have always learn to thrive and survive even some of the dangerous situations. With hopes to curb the current issue in hands, we bring to you this inspiring story from Surat.

In 1864, there was an outbreak of Cholera in Surat, due to which many people were killed. The Collector of that time could convince the donors of Surat to open a new dispensary to serve the poor and needy people of Surat. With generous donations from a Parsi gentleman named Mr. Khursedji Pardumi Parekh, a dispensary called C.F. Parekh dispensary was born. It was laid open by the then Collector of Surat, over period of years, it has developed into a 330 bedded well equipped hospital.

Similarly in 1955, Vohra Maskati family of Surat donated generously to this institute, Then after it became MASKATI CHARITABLE HOSPITAL & C. F. PAREKH DISPENSARY.

At present it is working as non teaching 120 bedded Hospital.


  • 1864 : Established as C.F. Parekh Dispensary.

  • 1865 : Completed construction.
  • 1896 : Saved lives during plague epidemic.
  • 1966 : Recognised for under graduate Medical Student and internship training.
  • 1984 : Blood bank started.
  • 1986 : A.C. I.C.C.U. with all modern Instrument and telematry monitoring system.
  • 1996 : Latest A.C. Burns unit started with 16 separate cabin (A.C.)
  • 2003 : New building of SMIMER Hospital is available, so Maskati Hospital is now non teaching hospital of 120 beds.

    Blood bank shifted to SMIMER Hospital.

SMC is distributing over 9 lakh food packets daily to the needy citizens of Surat, with the help of over 400 NGOs & Akshayapatra.

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