How to read the corona charts ?

World is facing global pandemic COVID-19 since the start of 2020. Almost all countries have come under the infection of corona virus, some have suffered a lot while the others have few cases. To study the impact of corona outbreak and how it has grown in the last few months, often we resort to data. To gain insights, it is often easier to look at data using various charts, graphs and visualization. Visualizations give us various perspectives into something being studied.

Corona cases have grown a lot since the outbreak. Charts are used to study the impact of corona across countries and time. Often they are compared to see what’s next for some countries and what has gone through those who were the first impacted. It has lessons for the countries with not much infrastructure and facilities. It also helps the governments to look out how their measures to curb the spread of virus has been effective or not.

Comparing the corona cases across time and across countries gives a deeper view into the global pandemic. However each country has dealt with this pandemic in a different way based on their social fabric, economic factors, health-care infrastructure, political affliations and nature of government & citizens. Some countries have been able to fight the pandemic well while others seem to have been going through a trouble to even the square.

Most of the early hit countries have seen the worst of the pandemic. They were the first to see how this virus was impacting them, they had to build the tools, diagnose and they made mistakes. While the other countries got time to look at their infrastructure and get prepared to tackle the oncoming outbreak, they were able to take the lessons from the countries previously hit. Many countries went for country-wide lockdown like India, while others had lockdown on in seriously impacted state and a few had movement based on self awareness and conscience.

As we are in the middle of this going pandemic, it is difficult to say if the worse is over or do we see any new surprises in the short or long run. Countries are unfolding their economy and starting to coming back to the usual with added precaution like wearing masks, using sanitizers, following social distancing, reducing crowding and keeping a check on the growth of virus.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. World came to a complete stand still literally.

We have learnt some lessons the hard way. In our fight with the virus, we go back to the survival instincts and we become one among the various species on Earth. We have realized that the fight is not ever and is never going to be. There will be new challenges for us every time and we will fight them with even more vigilance, might, determination and resilience. We are here to live for long and we will thrive.

If you would like to know how to look at the corona charts and what are the hidden details which you may sometimes not consider, take a look at the following video by VOX.

  • Data is of confirmed cases. Doesn’t account the amount of testing done.
  • The scale is logarithmic.
  • Cases are not compared to countries population/density.
  • X axis is number of days and not date.

By considering the above points and adding new factors into the data charts & visualizations, you may look at them with a completely new perspective. Our understanding about the COVID-19 global pandemic may be unlocked further by studying deeply. As the world fights in developing the antidotes, treatment or vaccination for corona virus, we are at the doors of history to write a new chapter on how we as humans have survived another global pandemic, another novel virus and what it speaks about us.

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