Weekly Motivational Quotes

Everyone looks at your broad chest and feels wow
But the cuts behind your back are invisible to all
Everyone cheers you for your sixes
No one appreciates when you are duck out
Everyone looks at the shape of your muscles
But no one looks at the number of hours you have put behind

The burns on your skin
The patches of healed wounds
The cuts of various accidents

The roughness of life, rubbing against your skin, you are bound to grow tougher !

The seeker will always be faced with what he is seeking.

I melt in your love to become the carpet under your feet !

If you can keep your things organised your life will de-clutter.

We all learn to live with pain
Sometimes mild
Sometimes severe!

There is one person in the group who comes to the beach but doesn’t step into the water !

In my heart there is a little heartbeat that is yours.

However hard I want to fight with you,
inside of me drop all the guards and weapons,
which leaves me with nothing
to fight with and fight for !

We all struggle in our own created world !

When you are hit by life
You either become successful or
you become a philosopher
or a poet or a teacher

We all want good life but only a few are ready to do what it takes

We all learn to leave with a broken leg, which isn’t actually broken !

If someone doesn’t behave like a grown up, you have no responsibility, don’t take on yourself.

Once you realize that there are preferences of people and they can be different from your own – you will be a complete human.

First you ask
Then it becomes your habit to ask
Then you keep on asking
Then you become dependent

Either we adjust to live with what we have
we work towards getting what we want

We are so lost in making life that we forget to live life.

When we work hard, all the unnecessary drag about life is lost.

We bring to you your weekly dose of inspirational & motivational quotes about life lessons, love, relationships, work, family and world in general. Everything you need to know to be the wonderful YOU.

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