Skygazing : Stars visible on 8th May 2020 in Surat

Let your eyes adjust to darkness for best experience. It will take 30-45 mins.

08 May 2020 09:30 PM Surat

Antares is visible. Antares is the brightest star in Scorpius constellation. The three stars in this constellation which form a line and signify claw of the scorpion image are in close proximity to the Moon. One star on the left is very near to the Moon (conjunction) in the night sky as seen from Earth, though in space all objects are too far and nothing is behind one another.

Antares is going to be in conjunction with Moon at 4 am.

08 May 2020 08:30 PM Surat

Moonrise with a yellowish taint. Shining bright in the night sky. Yellowish glow around the moon is seen. Slowly the sky is getting bright.

Regor goes down in the South-West sky. It is visible fairly bright in the South sky. Other stars are dimly visible around it.

Stars in Libra constellation

Due to close proximity to Moon in the sky tonight, it is difficult to make out any stars in the Libra constellation at this time. As the sky moves towards the west with hours passing by, they may be visible.

08 May 2020 08:00 PM Surat

Stars in Orion constellation

Orion is in the west sky and visible after sunset.

Stars in Leo constellation

After sunset Leo is rising high in the sky at zenith. Between 7-9pm it is best visible today since the Moon has not risen yet. At 8pm Leo is right above the head. Regulus, Algieba, Denebola and Chort are visible.

Stars in Virgo constellation

Distinctly visible stars in the Virgo constellation are Spica and Porrima. Even after the Moonrises, they shine bright enough to be visible. Yesterday during full moon the sky was shining bright as it was super moon. It was bright enough that light from the moon was casting shadow and it was glazing the windows, balconies and streets.


Another group of 4 stars forming a nearly perfect quadrilateral image in the sky near by Spica towards the South. Those are Minka, Gieneh Gurab, Algorab & Kraz. They can be mistaken for Libra constellation.

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