Skygazing : Stars visible on 9th May 2020 in Surat

Best view of Virgo constellation.

Let your eyes adjust to darkness for best experience. It will take 30-45 mins.

09:00 PM Surat

Stars in Virgo constellation

Moon is yet to rise tonight. In another 30 minutes moon will shine bright in the sky, but until then I enjoyed the view of Virgo constellation and the stars in it. As often the bright stars Spica and Porrima are easily identified. They are nearly overhead slightly towards the East. Following in near Spica towards the left, Syrma and 109 Vir are visible. Towards the top, Porrima is forming a V shape with other stars like Zaniah, Zavijava on oneside and Mineleva and Vindemiatrix on the other side.


As the stars are above head, it is getting a bit difficult to constantly stare at them, but once you position yourself well, you can enjoy the complete picture forming an imagination of a Virgo constellation in your mind with the stars in the sky.

Another group of 4 stars forming a nearly perfect quadrilateral image in the sky near by Spica towards the South. Those are Minka, Gieneh Gurab, Algorab & Kraz. They can be mistaken for Libra constellation.

Just rising up in sky from the east is Scorpius constellation. Four stars are visible – Antares, Acrab, Dschubba and π Sco.

Towards the south now familiar Hadar, Becrux and Gacrux are visible. Some more stars of less magnitude are shining in the south sky. Menkent is visible clearly enough. Rigilkent has not come up

10:00 PM

Moonrise shining beautifully.

After adjusting for darkness I was able to see Libra constellation above Scorpius.


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