Bird Watching in Surat – Pair of Common Myna, Spotted dove, Water Hen getting ready to breed and nesting.

10 May 2020 Surat

Common Myna building the nest. A pair of common myna who are permanent residents in my backyard are getting ready to build a nest. They have been picking carefully things like sticks, soft mushy rug and similar items for the last 3 hours. They are working tirelessly in collecting things for their nest. They seem to be very picky in the things they like to use for building. Before deciding to pick something, they go around in the ground, bushes and trees for quite some time until they are happy with their collection. I prefer to not barge into their territories and as lockdown is in place there is no way I can go around the campus compound to take a visit near them. They have beautiful voice, almost matching the captivating voice of cuckoo but not quite there.

A pair of spotted dove are enjoying their courtship. I can see there is a reason why dove and love are closely related in word and in expressions. This pair has been enjoying going around in the trees after the Sun has gone behind the building. As the coolness sets in they seem to be enjoying the evening in each other’s company. One goes above the tree the other follows. After a while one goes rushing towards the end of the backyard while the other follows. It’s like they are made for each other. Certainly looking at them you can compose a beautiful poem.

For in each other’s love, we forget the world and become each other’s world.

Dove in Love !

Water hen gets ready pair for monsoon. A pair of Water Hen is getting reading to stay here for another monsoon season. Last year they were seen during the entire monsoon, every morning going on their ritual of taking a swim in the waterhole, which is like a little pond along with other birds like little egret, pond heron, cormorant and great ibis. Lapwing was not happy enough with of them around, while all the other birds would enjoy fishing, eating, swimming and bathing in the water together with no fights.

Purple Sunbird that looks like a hummingbird. It is feeding constantly and on the move every second, you close your eyes and you will miss it. Following the birds needs a lot of patience but you get the returns in equal. I am not quite sure if I have seen any other bird with so much grit in following every flower in the garden to drink the nectar. There may be many birds which are determined, focused and dedicated in their routine for life, but I haven’t seen something so closely resembling the power of grit like the sunbird. It hopes on to every little flower on the tree and checks. Even if the wind is blowing hard and the branches are about to fall of, it holds onto it like it’s life depends on it and probably it does.

Being so little needs a lot of courage. Since purple sunbird is almost of the size of your thumb, a little smaller than sparrow, it needs a lot of energy to keep itself alive. It is super swift and illuminates like a iridescence in the sunlight especially during early morning hours.

The sparrows are multiplying like humans. I often wondered where the sparrows are, after real estate boom and mobile towers in urban cities. But lately I have been seeing a lot of sparrows in my backyard. Certainly there is an added advantage for the birds since I live on the outskirts of the city and the place is surrounded by fields, greenery and trees, which is like the best place for the birds to thrive. Sparrows like place with some dust and mud. They like to play in the dry land. They enjoy it by making small holes and dancing in it like swimming in water. They eat insects and small worms. Last year I could see around 50 of them and now they have grown over 500 for sure in the area of some 100m and some 50 trees. Their constant chirp is a remainder of nature’s sound and they are the morning alarm clock.

Apart from the disturbing pigeons of the urban world, I can see many crows, bats, squirrels and hear the sound of a cuckoo which is difficult to spot. I did see the kingfisher flying by during the noon once but it didn’t stick around. It’s about to get dark now so as all birds to back into their homes, I go into mine as well. It’s time to go watch the stars in the sky.

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