Weekly Corona Updates from Surat | Lockdown 3.0 Day 47

10 May 2020, Surat.

Surat in Lockdown 3.0 Surat along with other major cities in India which are affected by corona severely have been under Lockdown 3.0 making it around 47 days now from the start since 25 March 2020. After the initial worry and hustle, slowly the city along with the administrators got hold of the widespread corona virus.

NGOs came together to take care of the needy. Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) took into the task of survelliance, tracing, testing and treating for COVID-19. Alongside awareness and disinfection was being carried out extensively. But slowly as the testing capacity was getting increased, the number of cases did see a spike due to some rise in cases at Mandarwaza, Limbayat. Areas where cases were rising were contained by clustering them and restricting access to those areas. Certain time of the lockdown there was curfew for a week in cluster hotspots.

Surat fights corona. As the medical teams buckled up, covid care center got decentralized, food relief measures got evened out and flowing smoothly, concerned issues of migrants addressed and testing center capacity increased and results were coming sooner, overall dynamics of the city got into a mode of operation in dealing with Covid-19.

Last week SMC adopted the APX model strategy to increase effective tracking and interfacing with the sensitive zones with high infection rates like Limbayat, Central zone and Varaccha Zone. These zones have crossed 100 case mark in comparison to 800 mark in the city. Under this strategy, survelliance teams to visit households and look for people with symptoms for Covid-19. When a household is located with Covid-19 positive or COVID-19 like symptoms then those places will be marked as A. A is for ARI (Acute Respiratory Illness). In households with senior citizens and co-morbid illness or conditions they will be marked as P for present. And households with neither of the case will be marked as X for absent.

APX strategy may help long run. It is expected to give more clarity on the spread of cases as well as help to further narrow down on the clustering. Since it has been observed that many deaths have occured in Surat with patients have 60 or higher age especially those suffering with co-morbid conditions or existing medical issues like diabetes and hypertension.

Extra measures for 3 hotspot zones. Limbayat has nearly 40% cases of the city with 333 cases, while Central zone registered 124 cases followed by Varachha A which registered 116 cases. Many measures are being taken to curb the spread of virus in these hotspot areas. Island strategy has been applied to Limbayat where all roads connecting to other zones have been blocked. Sanitizers and hand wash counters are placed at multiple places. Heavy penalties are being laid upon in violation of social distancing and other norms being set like wearing of mask, use of sanitizer, traveling without any reason, shop keepers to keep sanitizer and public places to follow precautions.

Recovery Rate has improved a lot to over 50% bringing some news of relief to the citizens. SMC praises survelliance strategy placed in early identification of cases which has caused to treat the Covid-19 positive cases. As well as use of digital platforms like Gemini software and Doctor TecHO app which helped to bring all doctors and clinics under radar and any ARI case which had symptoms like Covid-19 was under constant observation and check through visits, calls, quarantine apps and likewise.

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