Skygazing : Top 20 bright stars in night sky

Some stars are brighter than others. Stars are classified according to their apparent brightness in the magnitude of -6 to 6. Negative values indicate brightest. Sun has a magnitude of -26 or so. While Venus has magnitude of -4 making it the brightest object after Sun and Moon. Let’s check which stars are visible in Surat tonight in the order of their magnitude.

Venus is visible after Sunset. To spot Venus look at towards North-West sky after Sunset. It will be shining bright enough to be seen in the dusk. It’s called as evening star. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible after midnight in the east. So in the evening Venus is the only planet visible this week.

Sirius is the brightest star. Today if you spot Venus and continue to look around in the sky after Sunset, then possibly the second object you will see is Sirius. It is nearly at the same altitude as Venus but towards the West.

SiriusVisible Towards West after Sunset
Near horizon towards South.
Goes below horizon after Sunset.
VisibleAfter 9 PM towards South.
ArcturusVisibleRises in the East after Sunset
& shines brightly whole night
VegaVisibleRises after 9:30 PM
in the North-east sky.
CapellaVisibleVisible after Sunset nearby
till 9PM or so.
Follows Sunset and
visible near horizon for sometime.
ProcyonVisibleShines brightly high in sky after Sunset.
Visible till midnight.
Below horizon in South whole night
HadarVisibleRises barely high enough in the south sky after 9PM.
But is bright enough to be spotted.
AltairVisibleVisible near midnight through all night.
Rises from East follows Arcturus path.
AcruxVisibleJust slightly above the horizon in exact South.
Cannot see if you have buildings around you.
Almost about to set near horizon after Sunset.
AntaresVisibleRises after 9 PM in the South-East sky.
My favorite this month.
Brightest in Scorpius constellation
SpicaVisiblePasses overhead. Visible all night.
Brightest in Virgo constellation
PolluxVisibleVisible above Venus along with Castor.
Barely visible before Sunrise.
DenebVisibleRises in the north sky after 11pm
following the trajectory similar to Vega
MimosaVisibleAlso called Becrux visible after Sunset
near South till midnight.
Stays close to horizon.
Partners with Hadar, Rigel, Acrux, Gacrux and Decrux
RegulusVisibleVisible overhead after Sunset till midnight in West.
Brightest star in Leo constellation

So you can see many stars in the night sky after Sunset before midnight. By talking a walk after dinner you will be able to see maximum stars.

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