Corona Daily Updates – 15 May 2020 from Surat


Daily updates related to Corona from Surat.

Surat Corona Dashboard

Tested : 17080

New Positive : 28

Positive Cases : 991

Active Cases : 322

New Recovered : 55

Recovered : 652

New Death : 2

Death : 46

Zonewise Corona Dashboard

Limbayat zone : 378

Central zone : 141

Varaccha-A zone : 131

Katargam zone : 124

Udhna zone : 107

Rander zone : 59

Athwa zone : 30

Varachha-B zone : 21

Recovery Rate gone up to nearly 66%

More than 15 lakh residents have been surveyed under APX strategy.

Penalties are collected for violating norms related to social distancing, sanitization, wearing of mask, spitting in public and likwise. Heavy fines are collected from violaters in all aspects.

2% extra rebate for paying Property Tax online.

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