Weekly Corona Updates from Surat | Lockdown 3.0 Day 54

17 May 2020, Surat.

Surat in Lockdown 3.0 Surat along with other major cities in India which are affected by corona severely have been under Lockdown 3.0 making it around 54 days now from the start since 25 March 2020. After the initial worry and hustle, slowly the city along with the administrators got hold of the widespread corona virus.


Recovery Rate has improved a lot to over 65% bringing some news of relief to the citizens. SMC praises survelliance strategy placed in early identification of cases which has caused to treat the Covid-19 positive cases. As well as use of digital platforms like Gemini software and Doctor TecHO app which helped to bring all doctors and clinics under radar and any ARI case which had symptoms like Covid-19 was under constant observation and check through visits, calls, quarantine apps and likewise.

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