Love Stories : 1. The Story of Cinderella like girl

You must always remember this, have courage and be kind. You have more kindness in your little finger than most people possess in their whole body.

~ Cinderella movie

When I meet someone with such qualities I consider them to be Cinderella. Today I will share the story of such girl who was kind, courageous, generous and partly in sync with life and nature that magic seemed to be a part of her life. For she did everything beautifully and everything that came in touch with her turned beautiful.

She was from a town in southern India. She was good at studies and aced in her school. She went onto do graduation in Engineering and got a job in IT firm. During her training days, she fell in love with a man, whom she was to marry in long run. He was from eastern India. They both got trained and deployed in different cities for work. They continued talking and with time their relationship matured. They both would care for each other and surprise each other with gifts. They worked towards shaping their careers in same city. After a year or so of concrete emotions and relationship they informed at their home.

Since it was a different culture at both ends of country, it took some time to work out through the process of both families meeting each other, getting to know each other and essentially make sure everything is as per they expectations. As both of them were very serene and clear about most of things in life, they were able to get things worked out. Both got relocated to a new city and in the span of a year they got married. Both families had different cuisines, traditions, languages and lifestyles yet they mingled in so well with love and kindness that mother-in-law taught the girl how to cook some dish and the girl gave her new gifts and experiences. Both cared for both parents and celebrated life together whenever possible.

They planned travel to exotic places and enjoyed personal time with each other. She used to spend time with her girlfriends as well and share positivity with them. At work too she would complete her tasks and do her work efficiently. She was sweet in her voice and considerate in her words. They were genuinely in love with each other and care endlessly.

Be your biggest celebration !

All these seems like a story from a fairy tale but as I said there is a reason she has been called a Cinderella like girl. She had been gifted with deep core values and feelings and she spread her love and care with caution and charm.

She has worked out in her life to face realities and learnt to deal with as much charm as she can. It is not that everything has been smooth for her, she had her fair share of challenges. Going into an unknown city amidst people of different cultures, languages and habits, yet she chose to be like herself and she became good at it. She became her biggest celebration.



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