Skygazing : See Crescent Moon in Surat

Look at the beauty of Crescent Moon and fall in love with skygazing. First glimpse of Crescent Moon marks the end of fasting month – Ramadan.

In Surat, India
Co-ordinates are 21.1 ° N latitude 72.8° E longitude

21st May 2020 to 25th May 2020


Crescent Moon

Sense of DirectionObservation Skills & Patience a lot of it.

21-May5:02 am 78° E6:05 pm 285° W
22-May5:39 am 73° E6:57 pm 289° W
23-May6:24 am 69° E7:52 pm 292° W
24-May7:05 am 66° E8:48 pm 295° W
22 MAY is a New Moon Day (Amavasya)

Moon rises almost an hour late than the previous night. On Fullmoon day, Moon rises after sunset while on newmoon day it rises along with the Sun.

21-May5:58 am 72° E7:12 pm 288° W
22-May5:58 am 72° E7:12 pm 289° W
23-May5:58 am 72° E7:13 pm 289° W
24-May5:58 am 72° E7:13 pm 289° W

Day length is over 13 hrs.

22 May is the New Moon day. There will be no moon on that day or night. A day before that is tonight it will be visible faintly in the west before the Sunset. It will be difficult to see in most areas. To be able to enjoy a perfect crescent moon, you will have to wait after Sunset on 23 May or 24 May.

Never look at the Sun directly at any point of time. It is harmful to eyes. Follow proper guidance and precautions.

On 23rd May, Moon will be visible only 1-2% so it will be very faint in the night sky and near to horizon. Places where you have flat clear unpolluted sky, you may be able to see it. Possibility of seeing is only 5% but once you see young Moon, you will never forget it. Often the sky behind turns pink, blue or orangish during first day because of it’s close timing with the Sunset.


On 24th May, early in the morning just right after Sunrise there is a possibility to see crescent Moon but it will be dimly light near by the Sun so it cannot be seen. Never look at Sun directly. Follow proper care and precautions. It can damage your eyes.

On 24th May evening is the best time to see Crescent Moon. After sunset, slowly darkness falls upon us. Moon will be lit 3-5% in the night and best possible time to catch a glimpse of it. First view of Crescent Moon marks the end of Ramadan month. So it also as religious attachment for some.

Crescent Moon in Surat

Patience is the key.

Moon isn’t visible right away. Even though Moon is above the horizon, it is not visible to us due to pollution in city as well as the luminance is not at it’s maximum. If you are lucky to be in the right place and have keen observation, you may be able to see it below that point as well.

Moon is magic. Once you see the first glimpse of Moon rising behind the trees or dark clouds or some far off houses, you will be captivated in the magic. It takes around 15-20 mins for the Moon to be clearly visible. So in this case it will be around 7:30 PM you can be sure to get a clear glimpse. To be able to see before that luck is needed.

Feel spiritual vibes while skygazing at Crescent Moon marking the end of Ramadan.

Look for planets and stars as well. As you wait while Crescent Moon is visible or once it has been seen until your heart is filled with joy, happiness and serenity, you can look for VENUS which will be visible in the West as well. Also you can look a bit towards the South-East near the horizon or a bit high up by 9pm to be able to see ANTARES.

Wonderful experience. Looking at the sky on any given day or night is a beautiful experience but when you have a lot happening on a single night within a span of hours then it’s the best experience. Enjoy sky gazing with your friends or young children.


On 22 May Moon will not be visible. It is the darkest phase of Moon. Locally it is called as “Amavasya“.

Let us know how your experience was in the comments section below. Feel free to ask any questions related to Crescent Moon or sky-gazing in general. Share your view and share it with your friends.

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