Skygazing : Stars visible on 21st May 2020 in Surat

7:50 PM Surat

SPICA shines bright in the Virgo constellation. It appears high in the east sky. Other stars of Virgo are not yet visible. The sky is light violet blue and turning dark slowly.

PROCYON in the Canis Minor constellation is visible bright at this time. It is high in the west sky and slowly going down.

Wind is blowing at speed of around 20km/h. The coolness it carries is signalling the onset of Monsoon somewhere around the corner. Enjoy the experience of looking at stars on this dark night with the company of cool breeze.

8:05 PM Surat

Algorab, Gieneh Gurab, Kraz and Minkar are visible now beside Spica now. Spica has company of its partner Porrima.

Towards the south Menkent is visible. Beside it Centaurus constellation is visible and it will go around a semicircular path in the sky not rising high up in sky, staying close to horizon.

8:45 PM Surat

Great Bear constellation is shining bright in the sky. It looks like a kite.


While looking at Great Bear, I spotted Hubble Space Telescope flying over head. It was beautiful view. It was visible for 30 minutes or so.

Pollax and Castor are shining together in pair as always. Arcturus is visible in east sky bright and shine. It will be visible all night.

Clouds took over after 5 minutes. Then the game of hide and seek started. The indication of monsoon is around the corner becomes more and more evident.

Clouds overtook the sky. Monsoon is near by.

Let your eyes adjust to darkness for best experience. It will take 30-45 mins.

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