Love Stories : 3. The Story of Two Souls made for each other

Made for each other. This story will make you feel hopeful about life. This is the story of people for whom it is said that marriages are made in heaven. Love is eternal. Love knows no bondage. In love once and forever. Someone is born for you on this Earth, often people don’t come across each other but these two young beautiful people met each other, fell in love, decided to marry each other and live together through thick and thin of life.

Not so same yet not so different. He was born and brought up in a middle class family in western India and went to become a graduate in engineering. He was working in a firm when he came across her. She was ambitious young girl making her mark in the world. They both resonated in thoughts and nature. Both were different in dynamics but core beliefs, values and ideologies were same. They soon started liking each other.

In India marriage is not between two people but between two families.

Love knows no boundary. As time went on and they gained good balance on economic front, they decided to proceed further with marriage. They confronted with respective parents. After initial hurdles and confusion, both parents after getting to know each other agreed to proceed further with this relationship. In India marriage is not between two people but between two families. They both got married and started life in city they were working.

Challenges in the way. After some time she got an opportunity in foreign country. She got a chance to fulfill her dreams. They decided she will fly but he took a bigger step by choosing to go as her companion on dependent visa. He opted to stay without work and pay. She took the responsibility of being the bread earner on her shoulders.

Take a role in life and relationship. They were staying in a foreign country. She would go to work and he would stay back at home doing all the household chores and taking care of his fitness. He would read whenever he got time. Ego, insecurities or negativity never got in their way. They were living life together and shaping it for their future by each taking their responsibility.

Work to make the ends meet. He was working with his company to find an opportunity in that country with some client but things were not turning out fruitful. After staying for over 6 months, it was getting a bit challenging to balance the expectations of people in their life. They both were happy with each other but life is made of multiple facets especially if you are from India.

Dreams do come true. They worked together to find opportunity in some other country. As luck favours the brave and persistent, she got an opportunity in Europe. He was able to find an opportunity in a month or so after they moved. They both were now working in a beautiful country with each other’s company.

Lessons of life. By being patient in all circumstances in life and working towards building life, they were able to overcome many challenges of life. By making strong calls of what is important for life, they were able to turn hurdles into opportunities. By believing in each other, they were able to navigate through the toughest and weakest moments in life. Life from far may seem that two people are enjoying life, stay and work in foreign country earning well enough. But to make things work in that way one has to go through various emotions, moments, encounters and challenges in life. Most often people don’t make it that far and consistently.

Love is the beginning and the end. Being in sync and in love with each other with no major insecurities and negative emotions gives rise to a beautiful experience of life. We all dream of such life but we are not ready to pay the price for it. We must develop ourselves and be patient. We must believe each other endlessly and thrive in love and life. In love it’s never your success or my success, it’s our success. It is not the success of work, dreams that counts, it is the success of love that counts.


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