Love Stories : 4. The story of Young Love to Married Life

Lost and found love. This story of love that fluttered it’s wing in puberty but materialized after being lost and found on social media. Love that became concrete for life. It shadowed the challenges of culture and notions. They made love successful by patience and conviction. Both are ambitious, realistic and dedicated towards life and career. This story will inspire you to fall in love the right way.

Ambition over infatuation. They both were living in the same city at different corners. During school days, they came across each other in one of the tuition classes. Even though they would notice each other, there wasn’t any concrete discussion or relation at that time. Both were focused on building their careers and did not have any influence of any kind. He completed his graduation in engineering and she completed her master’s in IT with flying colors. She stood first in her department.

Long held emotions ooze out during the spring. They both met each other during the time when social media started to take a boom in India. They connected online and had lot of discussions. He was staying out of city for his work that time. He got a job in industry. He was learning to live on his own. He was learning about his job too. She was still studying at that time. After having lots of talks, they expressed likingness about each other.

Courtship like Albatross. They met when he was in city and they could meet. After completing her studies and finding a job in the same city, both decided to convert their 7 years relationship into marriage. They confronted their parents. Initially there was a tussle in the girl’s family as they both were from different backgrounds and culture.

Persuasion, patience and promise pays off. He was a Gujarati boy and she had Marathi culture at her home, however they had been living in Gujarat for ages so they adapted to Gujarati culture as well. However when it comes to marriage, every small thing becomes a mountain in India. By being firm on their decision, they convinced their parents to agree after long persuasion. As the boy had well established in his career and was growing to become executive officer with good financial earnings and calm nature, they went ahead with the relationship.

Love continues after marriage. They both got married in the same town and moved to the place of his work. They had managed to find an opportunity for her in the same company as he was working. They moved from one city to another over the span of 2-3 years for work. With new projects and assignments they took up new challenges and completed their work with flying colors. Being good at what they do, they often got praised, awarded and recognized for work.

Life blooms in love, love blooms in life. He got promoted to manager position and shifted to a new city. They arranged to stay in a calm pleasant location in the outskirts of the city. Both used to go to work together. Even though in the initial hurdles of her not liking the kind of work she was doing, they managed to find a balance in life, work, love, family and companionship.

Lessons from love. Life is an ongoing process. Things are not same always. You don’t stay in the same city, same house or be friends with same people. But when meet someone you love endlessly you must make every effort to be in love together and navigate through the challenges of life sensibly and with conviction.

Lessons from life. Often life gives you new challenges. Sometimes you have to learn to do a thing in a new way. You may have to be patient for what you want. You must pursue your aspirations in the right amount. By being persistent and determined you can cross the highest mountains and deepest valleys, which once felt impossible. They continue to design life as per their interests and likes. There is more to life and love, than meets the eye. It’s not always cool neither it’s so worrisome. Life is a mix of some drama, some love, some care and lot of funny roller coaster ride.


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