Weekly Corona Updates from Surat | Lockdown 4.0 Day 61

24 May 2020, Surat.

Surat in Lockdown 4.0 Surat along with other major cities in India which are affected by corona severely have been under Lockdown 4.0 making it around 61 days now from the start since 25 March 2020. After the initial worry and hustle, slowly the city along with the administrators got hold of the widespread corona virus.

Total Tested : 19652
Total Positive : 1245
Total Recovered : 852
Deaths : 59
Active cases : 334

Recovery Rate is at 68.4 %

Highest number of cases are found in Limbayat zone with 474 cases till date nearly 38% of total cases in city. Athwa and Varachha B zones have least cases.

Many migrant laborers and citizens who wanted to go back to there villages, towns and cities have been facilitated with travel by trains and buses. Some of the earlier laid restrictions on movement within the city have been lifted. Precautions are being taken and penalties levied on violators of norms related to social distancing and sanitizing.

Life is slowly getting back to normal here in Surat.

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