Musings : Don’t be selfish, just be human

Don’t be selfish all the time that only thing that you think about is you and your family.

Don’t be selfish so much that the only thing that matters to you is how much wealth you accumulate, even though you know you won’t carry it with you

Don’t be selfish so much that you are ready to steal or grab someone else’s happiness because all that matters to you is your own

Don’t be selfish so much that you take bread from someone else child to satisfy your kids hunger

Don’t be so selfish that you feel everything is about you and that your problems are the biggest in this world

This world works on a principle. Whatever you accumulate doesn’t stay for long. In third or fourth generation it won’t exist at all. Even the good children you have won’t be interested in your wealth nor those bad children won’t let it stay. If you reap selfishness it will come back to you for those who saw you be one all the time will be the same to you, even those for whom you became like that in the first place.

On a broader scale there are some who are struggling for having food on this Earth, some are there in your city or vicinity.

So by closing your eyes and having fun with your friends on a pizza party with drinks and posting on social media about freedom and equality, makes you a hypocrite

You don’t have to give away your life earnings neither you have to give away anything, just make sure you don’t grab something that is not yours nor make any evil plans to make it yours. For in your thoughts and actions, you create a vicious evil cycle, which deprives some of their normal life and puts them into a dreadful situation.

You don’t have to be a philanthropist nor a evangelist. You don’t have to be a volunteer nor you have to be a bread giver. You just have to let them be themselves and give them a fair chance at life. Don’t deprive them of fair chance at education, a fair chance at sports, fair chance to run at the marathon of life. By depriving them of their fundamental right to be able to given a fair chance you make them weak in their thoughts and belief for someone to help them. Your help is not helping them and your selfishness is causing them damage for generations.

So stop being selfish. You don’t have to be an altruist, you just have to be a human. Learn to be a human first and then become successful, famous, rich, happy and charitable.


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