Skygazing : End of Summer in Surat

Skygazing is going to get a break in Surat as the clouds take over the city slowly.

Clouds arrive in Surat

Here is the Timelapse showing they bring the message of Monsoon.

Cloud Timelapse in Surat

Could only spot Antares amidst the white bright clouds covered in the night sky. Jupiter was hiding behind the clouds and appeared once in a while. It was a hide and seek game. Sagittarius and Scorpius constellation are up in the sky but clear view is not visible. Once in a while few stars are seen before clouds cover them up.

Antares visible bright in sky
Jupiter in night sky
Jupiter shining bright like a urban street light

It’s time to focus on Monsoon and wait for the migratory water birds to make their entry. Sky gazing may become difficult with clouds covered during the day and night for the next two three months. Whenever there is a chance, we will try to check out the sky and bring some updates.

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