When water becomes a crisis

When something as basic as water becomes a crisis, it speaks a lot about us !

When fresh water is distributed on basis of your ability to pay for it, you are creating a dearth for a lot of people who will be devoid of their basic right to drink clean water. They will be forced to live with unhygienic water and at times fight for a bucket of drinkable water.

That situation is the lowest we hit as urban dwellings. We look at the world through our glasses that show us a movie on repeat devouring us of the reality. We will be served with a facts manipulated to bend the truth. We will be a lost society.

We must act now and be considerate about the amount of water we use and waste. If we stop wasting water we reduce the burden on the corporations and thus helping those who can benefit from it. Everytime you open the tap, be aware that the water that goes into the drain might satisfy someone’s thirst.

Be thoughtful. Be accomodating. Be considerate.

3 thoughts on “When water becomes a crisis”

    1. Thank you Caroline.
      Seeing people suffering from water in my own country moves me a lot.
      When people go miles to bring water from wells or wait for a water tanker to bring water every week or cities facing shortage of water frequently, it makes me wonder what are we running after !

      Clean water is charged 20Rs per Litre.


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