Show patience for your relationships and other choices not for your job

Job is Job. It is not one and the only thing. Neither it is supposed to be the only thing. You decided to work somewhere and then you had your time. It’s time to move to next one. If you have a new role or new challenge within the organization then so be it. You can do it. That is similar to finding a job somewhere else. Putting yourself into new dimensions will result into a growth that will help you create value in yourself.

If by staying at a place you get paid for your loyalty then you may be sacrificing on something. Not everyone but some may be. You have to evaluate your position within the organization and where you want to be in life. If the Gap is too much or too little to be filled within your organization then you may have to go for some other job. It is also possible that the immediate requirement in life is asking for more or less based on what is your priority and accordingly you may have to choose to pull strong to keep low. We are all not just employees or professional but we are humans overall. There are other things in life that demand our attention, importance, energy and time. Based on what we consider to be priority or important to us in short run and long run, we have to choose.

Our choices may not be the best in the world but they must be good enough for us. By shaping ourselves in the present along with the people surrounding us, we carve out a beautiful future based on the decisions we take.

So keep rocking in whichever area of life you have chosen to stay and perform. Stay happy and be the best of yourself. Stay kind to yourself and if possible people around you. Cherish for who you are and what you can become. Smile and share a little bit of happiness around you. Every thing will make sense with time and situation.

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