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Weekend getaways near SURAT

Weekend getaways near Surat. You can plan for visiting this locations with family or friends. Not far from city, these locations provide a serene and natural experience of mountains, greenery or beach. A must have experience and visit if you are travel in and around Surat.


Tallest statue of the world is located at around 3 hrs of distance from Surat. You can plan a trip to this location over weekends as a day trip or 2 day trip. Narmada Sarovar Dam adds to the entire experience. You can visit this place via train or bus, however it is preferable to travel using private or personal vehicle to get the most of the experience.


Another scenic spot close to Surat and the starting point of Western Ghat series, SAPUTARA offers a unique experience of hills, valleys, amusement, trekking, sports and beautiful greenery in monsoon. There are activities like Paragliding, Boating in Lake, Ropeway, Trekking, Various points in the hill station like Sunset, Sunrise and Tiger point. Plan a day trip or a two day trip. Best enjoyed by staying overnight to get the full experience of morning and evening hours.
















Roro Ferry Hazira to Ghogha – Unique EXPERIENCE

If you like to experience the dual nature of ocean water, the so called serenity and roaring waves, then you must take a ride of RoRo ferry service operating between Hazira and Ghogha. It is a unique initiative in waterways connecting the seacoast of India. If you are looking to travel from Surat to Saurashtra or anywhere in western Gujarat, then the following post is for you.

Voyage Symphony – RoRo ferry service Hazira – Ghogha

RoRo ferry service takes passengers, vehicles and truck from Hazira to Ghogha and return journey. The charges are nominal and provided in 3 classes – Executive, Business and Lounge! All 3 classes are comfortable in terms of journey experience. Food provided is reasonable in price and good in taste. You will find most of fast-food served along with beverages. Adequate facilities available for cleaning, washing and toilets.

You can prebook your seat online and choose your preferred location as per your choice, however the chances are you will end up exploring the “Voyage Symphony” and enjoy the view of water, waves, sky and the clouds. Light music is played in the background which makes the experience memorable. TV are placed at sufficient distance for passengers to enjoy in-room relaxation time.

Total journey time is around 4 to 5 hours either side with loading, checking time being between 45 mins to 1 hour. So if you are planning to board the ferry from Hazira at 8am to reach Ghogha, it may be good idea to reach by 7am or so for a smooth transition from land to the ferry. The approach route from Surat to Hazira port is slightly isolated so it is a good idea to either travel in personal vehicle preferably 4 wheeler or get a private service available before hand.

If you are planning to ride from Ghogha to Hazira and getting down at Hazira in the night, which may be around 8pm to 8:15pm for a ferry starting at Ghogha by 3pm to 3:20pm. You may not find any online cab services like Ola or Uber, neither there is any public transport connectivity like City bus, so you may prior book or make arrangements for pickup. The distance from Surat to Hazira is over 20km and from railway station it is 40km which may take an hour or more depending on traffic so plan accordingly.

The view of the sea from the back side of ferry

Get involved In your own life

When your mind is going around every topic in your life and you have many things happening at the same time, take a step back and breath.

Foremost important think to note and accept is that everything will not happen at once. So you must wait for things to happen in the order. If you are totally perplexed then this may not make sense to you.

Start with an activity and then go complete it. Take another task and go on with it. It may seem difficult to hang on, but just go with the flow and then you will be there. It’s most often you are not giving your brain something to work on, which is why it gets running all over the place.

So keep your mind engaged in activities and feel the calmness within. When you are totally engrossed in yourself, you will see and experience a change in your own behavior. Because of which lot of other things in your life seem to be happening in a different way.

Slowly you will feel the flow of actions and results connecting to one another and then you will feel better. You are able to focus better and function better. Just let this continue for a while and acquire more activities of different category. Let your body burn out and your mind get worked upon. Eventually you will feel the heat and then the rhythm will be established.

When you get totally charged, it becomes easier for you to pick your things and make decisions. A lot of things in life like your relationships and events start to make a lot more sense and you are lot less disturbed or worried about things. Now there is no space for some random thing to hit you. You are set on your course and you will fly further.

May such a continuous rhythm take place in your journey and you experience soothing effect of a worked up human brain.

Some people are like Black holes ! Stay away from them

Often certain people are always gloomy and sad. Talking about negative things and events that have spread sadness and heaviness in life. They repeat them all the time and often feel unnecessary over burden without any apparent reason.

If you come in contact with such people, they will over power with their under tone pain and suffering, you will get sucked up into a world of never ending confusion and dejection.

If possible after the very first interaction with such people, try to avoid any kind of exposure to such people.


BELGIAN WAFFLE is a confectionery brand specializing in waffles of various kinds. There will be only few places where you would find the hoardings mentioning 100% VEG. If so, you are likely to be in Gujarat. Welcome to Surat, even international brands turn vegetarian only to sustain here.


212 Nana Varachha

36, Avadh Viceroy, Sarthana Jakat Naka,
Nana Varachha, Surat

114 Ghod Dod Road

L6, Royal Palace, Opp. Abhinandan AC Market,
Ghod Dod Road, Surat

126 Adajan

G-11, Marvella Business Hub,
Opposite Pal RTO, Adajan, Surat

212 Vesu

Shop No.6, Aagam Emporio, Near Vatsalya Bungalows, Udhna Magdalla Road, Vesu Road, Surat


Try some amazing waffles this Christmas and New Year. Order online if you prefer to stay indoors.