Let the child in you never grow.

Be creative.



Life inside a shell !

A ten year old who thinks she will become a singer one day practices every evening with new songs and tunes. Parents think that this is just a floating thought and it’s for fun. They never encourage. No special care or attention is given to her. She wins in school competition every year and participates … Continue reading Life inside a shell !


About Grief by Tagore

Say not in grief that she is no morebut say in thankfulness that she was.A death is not the extinguishing of a light,but the putting out of thelamp because the dawn has come. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Shine brighter to find the unseen !

With a beautiful heart and soulIt’s difficult to beholdWith the precious dreamsAnd priceless beliefsIn the material worldLooking for an angelIs like in going into the oceanAnd searching that pebbleIn the deepest darkest depthsBut hope is onFor with your own glowThe magic can turn things flowYou may see your own reflectionAcross the sea in the perfectionSo … Continue reading Shine brighter to find the unseen !


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