Why every girl deserves a fair chance to stand on her feet

When I meet parents of a young girl who want their daughter to complete her education and get married by the age of 18 so they can feel fulfilled about their responsibility in life, I feel sad and disappointed by their views on life. They are ready to spend 10-20 lakhs on her marriage andContinue reading “Why every girl deserves a fair chance to stand on her feet”

What should I know before becoming an engineer

Number 1 – You must not become an engineering graduate, but an engineer. Engineering is not a degree, it’s a profession. So you must be ready to acquire skills, knowledge, problem-solving abilities and an innate determination & interest to build, create, tinker, solve and optimise things. Number 2 – Engineering is not the only way.Continue reading “What should I know before becoming an engineer”

Be considerate during this tough times

Continuous lockdown or lockdown like situation has impacted a lot of us in ways we have never been trained for. We do not have the slightest of experience where in everyone we know is going through it. The scale at which the experience of a virus going around in life as well the sheer responseContinue reading “Be considerate during this tough times”

Life Stories – Playing in the mud in Monsoon, India

Monsoon brings life. Everything in nature blooms. Plants and tree turn greener. Frogs come out. Birds began to build best to breed and care for their young ones. Even insects and worms flourish. Monsoon brings happiness to India. Crops and vegetables are grown. Water from rain is still the major source of supply for agricultureContinue reading “Life Stories – Playing in the mud in Monsoon, India”

Life Stories – Crossing the water logging during Monsoon in India

When you are young, you do not think much. You go through whatever comes in you are life and cross it. You learn from your experiences. Sometimes you are not even aware what you accomplished because you are not keen to show that. You are interested to reach where you want to go and reachingContinue reading “Life Stories – Crossing the water logging during Monsoon in India”

What are hobbies that can make you feel better

READING Read a book. A story, a novel, an article or whatever that resonates with you. If possible read regularly, every day. Find some interest that you want to know more about – may be like History, Science, Culture, Technology, Humans, Countries, Wildlife, Wars or Expeditions. COOKING Cook something once in a while. It isContinue reading “What are hobbies that can make you feel better”