Tennis is more than just sports, it’s a religion

Tennis, lawn tennis is one of the top grossing global sports with Grand Slams, WTA tours, ATP tours, Challenger tours and friendly matches. Tennis is played between two players in singles match and four players in doubles match. It could be men’s single, women’s single, men’s doubles, women’s doubles or mixed doubles. But that’s justContinue reading “Tennis is more than just sports, it’s a religion”

Opinions | Driving India from being a literate nation to being an educated nation

Communication has been one of the strongest aspect of human qualities. Invention of letters, printing press and media has transformed our lives like never before. However at the acuteness of the ability to text, call and video call some at any minute of the day has been gradually shifting our notion of communication. Literature isContinue reading “Opinions | Driving India from being a literate nation to being an educated nation”

Create value in your work

VALUE vs PRICE Imagine you have a diamond necklace which costs around 10 lakh Rs. You bought it with all your hard earnings. Also you have a necklace that has been passed on from your great-grandmother. It was used by her, then her daughter, your mother and now it has been passed on to you.Continue reading “Create value in your work”