What should be your diet if you have Corona like symptoms

Corona like symptoms – cough, cold, shivering, fever, sour throat, bitter taste, body pains and similar experience related to ARI. For any examination and diagnosis, contact doctor and medical expertise for relief and immediate attention. You may follow similar diet to get relief and feel better – Drink lukewarm water Add honey and lemon juiceContinue reading “What should be your diet if you have Corona like symptoms”

Whatever you are seeking is already seeking you !

Whatever you are seeking is already seeking for you ! It is about what we think about all the time. The innate thing within us that makes us who we are. Sometimes we may wait or sometimes we may rush. But our compass is already redirected towards it. We cannot know when we are goingContinue reading “Whatever you are seeking is already seeking you !”

A to Z Motivation

Accept the realityBase your thoughtsCarve your pathDare to dreamEnjoy little momentsFace your fearsGet in shapeHave some friendsImprove your skillsJoin a causeKill bad habitsLove thy neighbourMake a choiceNever give upOppose the evilProve your worthQuench your thirstRise above selfStay strongTeach oneUse time wiselyVisit your relativesWin a heartXperience peace withinYour life your choiceZeal is your guide

A little act of kindness goes long way

This post Bundle of CONFIDENCE with LOVE…!!! was originally posted on IDOL ROSE blog by DILINIWIJESINGHE, a kind heart young lady from Sri Lanka, the original owner of the content. This post along with featured image has been republished after seeking permission, without any change in content apart from displacement of images and change in titleContinue reading “A little act of kindness goes long way”

Best movie to watch during lockdown – Tito And The Birds (2018)

Tito and the Birds (2018) is a movie about humans, birds, fear and outbreaks. The relevance of this movie to the pandemic and how fear spreads through our society is captured beautifully. Consistently perserve what you believe. Tito is a little kid who is inspired by his father to invent, experiment and follow his passion.Continue reading “Best movie to watch during lockdown – Tito And The Birds (2018)”

Tennis is more than just sports, it’s a religion

Tennis, lawn tennis is one of the top grossing global sports with Grand Slams, WTA tours, ATP tours, Challenger tours and friendly matches. Tennis is played between two players in singles match and four players in doubles match. It could be men’s single, women’s single, men’s doubles, women’s doubles or mixed doubles. But that’s justContinue reading “Tennis is more than just sports, it’s a religion”