Surat : Important People and Offices, Who is Who – 2019

Who is the Mayor of Surat ? Dr. Jagdishbhai Patel is the mayor of Surat, since 20 June 2018. Mayor is the first citizen of Surat and the tenure is for 2.5 years. He is the head of Surat Municipal Corporation. Who is the Collector of Surat ? Dr. Dhavalkumar Patel, IAS is the collectorContinue reading “Surat : Important People and Offices, Who is Who – 2019”

Trains origination from Surat Railway Station

Surat Railway Station is one of the busiest stations in the Western Railways, however there are only few trains that originate from Surat as majority of the trains either have Mumbai or Ahmedabad as their origin station. Trains that have Surat as origin stations are listed below. Surat – Bandra Terminus Intercity Superfast Express –Continue reading “Trains origination from Surat Railway Station”

British first come to Surat in India

Vasco da Gama came to India from Portugal in 1498. His fleet landed in Calicut (present day Kozhikode) in North Kerala. Portuguese then went to set up there trade centre in India to carry out import-export of goods like spices, cotton, silk and other valuables to Europe. Portuguese expand there reach on the west coastContinue reading “British first come to Surat in India”

Birthplace of Indian Navy – Suvali, Surat

Suvali, also known as Swally located near Surat, is considered to be the birthplace of Indian Navy. The naval Battle of Swally, also known as Battle of Suvali, took place on 29–30 November 1612 off the coast of Suvali (anglicised to Swally) a village near the Surat city and was a victory for four EnglishContinue reading “Birthplace of Indian Navy – Suvali, Surat”

Flamingos visit Tapi River, Surat in large number every year

Flamingos visit Surat near the banks of Tapi River every year in large number. Over the last few years, the number of birds flocking in had gone down severly. However this year, large group of Flamingos was seen enjoying in the muddy little islands in the Tapi River, stretching from Pal to Magdalla. Flamingo is aContinue reading “Flamingos visit Tapi River, Surat in large number every year”

Surat becomes first district to have 100% solar powered health centres (PHC)

There are a total of 52 PHCs in the district and all of them are now powered by solar system. This initiative will not only bring down the electricity bill by 40 percent but also help fight global warming. At a time when global warming is mounting with each passing day, Gujarat’s Surat district has switched to solarContinue reading “Surat becomes first district to have 100% solar powered health centres (PHC)”