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Surat gets rolling with E-bus prototype launched


  • Surat City has well established Public transport system under City Bus link as well as BRTS.
  • BRTS is well managed corridor with separate lanes for buses running with GPS controlled system.
  • Citizens can check live tracking of buses on Sitilink app as well as on Google Maps.

To add color to the existing bus network within the city, E-Bus have been rolled out as a prototype. On successful implementation of Electric buses in the city will ensure sustainable development as well as reduce carbon footprint of the city. This is will add to the overall green energy contribution and usage of the city. By using public transport, citizens can do their bit in contributing to the development of the city as well as reducing their own personal carbon footprint.

Almost all corners of the city are covered by existing bus network and new routes are added every month based on demand and usage. Major busy bus routes have buses running every 15-30 minutes depending on the hour of the day.

With the expansion of city as well as growth in population, Surat needs to add new cutting edge technologies and solutions to keep abreast in the growth and development of city. Electric buses are one novel solution alike.

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Top 20 cities in India under Swachh Survekshan 2020

#3Navi Mumbai5467.89

Swachh Survekshan 2019 results

#5New Delhi (NDMC)4190.52
#7Navi Mumbai4128.85
#11Bhilai Nagar3929.48

Featured Image : MySuratMySmc

Nat Geo Show : The Next Frontier – Smart Cities India

Nat Geo Show on Smart Cities in India has been very well documented. It features the development with respect to Smart Cities mission in cities like Surat, Vishakapatnam, Pune and Varanasi. Each city is leading it’s change in particular aspect as necessary in the city. As these cities set the benchmark for development, implementation and projects in regards to smart technologies, other cities can replicate similar implementation at their level.


Under the Smart Cities implementation projects Surat is leading in transportation and public services. Surat Municipal Corporation managed Bus Rapid Transit System BRTS is a fully functional centralized GPS system based Bus transport system in the city with a separate corridor for the buses. The system is centrally managed and monitor with over 270 buses running across the city. Electronically managed timings shown on the display inside the bus stops provided a glimpse of the waiting time for the passengers. Online booking of tickets and schedule help to avoid queues.

To promote the use of Public transport – City mayor travels to work via BRTS once in a week. Surat also has bicycles for use at various junctions to provide last mile service. (Not shown in the show)

City is monitored from the command center and actions taken respectively to correct any course.


Vishakapatnam is leading this frontier by developing new projects in the city for beautification, public parks and various projects undertaken to set a benchmark in design, development and public awareness and sensitivity. Under such projects one of the park has been developed keeping in mind the requirements for special children who seem to be enjoying and having a good time everyday in such park.

Popularity of that park has raised curiousity in other city administrators and Commissioners who seem to be interested in replicating similar projects in their own cities. We must set such benchmark in every front of development and implementation in projects across India.

Similar large scale park is being developed with facility for skating at national level by the same team. Along with local plants and greenery, design and astetics are given prime importance. Such projects boost the morale of city dwellers and create a positive vibe for the future.


Pune is leading in technology implementation under Smart cities. Pune has implemented Emergency Call Boxes which are attended and managed by a central help centre. Any kind of Emergencies are attended by a call and immediate action taken via various departments in place.

Entire city is under observation via centrally managed system and every occasion is planned for. Any traffic movement is routed via centrally managed display hoardings.


Varanasi is leading the change in restoring archeological sites and monuments of cultural importance. Once such project near the Ganga river is go restore a temple and build a complex which is connected to the river directly. Major services will be upgraded to latest modern technology and services like online darshan, pre-booking, personalized guide and similar are available.

Development across various cities and projects under taken to improve the functioning of cities along with public participation is bringing some of the cities to global standards and similar projects are replicated by smaller cities in frontiers of energy, transportation, digitization, cleanliness, hygiene, emergency and healthcare services and centrally operated services.

India is changing with it’s cities becoming smarter and people adopting new technologies. In times to come, some of the cities will be the leaders in many frontiers and set benchmark in city functioning. We wish to see many more such projects unfold and provide comfort to the citizens.

Surat Weir-cum-Causeway is closed now August 2020

13-August-2020 Causeway is closed. Water level in Tapi is flowing at 7.61m

12-August-2020 Causeway is closed. And flowing at 6.69m compared to threshold level at 6m.

DateCauseway Level
14-Aug-2020 4pm8.01m
15-Aug-2020 6am8.51m

July 2020 – Causeway is open.

Mar 24, 2020 – Causeway is closed due to spread of COVID-19 Corona virus.

December 2019 – Causeway is open now. Birds are visiting the area.

As of November 4, 2019 water level at causeway is around 8m and the status of causeway is closed.

Surat 30 July 2019 : Weir-cum-Causeway connecting Rander and Singapore areas of Surat is closed for public. Causeway water limit is 6 meters. Currently causeway is overflowing at 6.42 meters, due to which it is closed for public.

Causeway holds water for the people of Surat, which is situated near Rander-Singanpore area. This causeway is used to cross the Tapi River during the normal conditions. When the water is near to or above 6m, the causeway is closed for public as it becomes quite dangerous to cross.

Seagulls in Tapi River near Causeway, Surat
Seagulls in Tapi River near Causeway, Surat

Live status of causeway is provided on Surat Municipal Corporation website as well as Google Maps. Displays which have been put on various BRTS bus stops, traffic signal crossings and some important junctures in city provide the live status of causeway as well as various other details of temperature, air quality status and other important statistics.

Causeway was closed from July to November 2019.

Causeway closed from March 24, 2020 due to spread of Global Pandemic Covid 19. Surat was in lockdown mode from 22 March 2020. Now India has been lockdown for 21 days from March 25, 2020

You can check the Live Status Here.

You can check on Google Maps as shown below

Weir-Cum-Causeway is closed.
Weir-Cum-Causeway is closed.

Travel safe in Surat and check news before you plan going out in and around Surat during Monsoon.

Is it raining in Surat ?

Daily weather update from Surat


Heavy rainfall early morning. Later during the day no rainfall. Evening some sunshine was seen.

Date/TimeLevel (ft)Est. Inflow (cusec)Est. Outflow (cusec)
24/08/2020 22:00333.45159942.00131102.00
24/08/2020 20:00333.41145522.00131102.00
24/08/2020 18:00333.39174399.00131138.00
24/08/2020 16:00333.33174299.00131038.00
24/08/2020 14:00333.28159882.00131041.00
24/08/2020 12:00333.24159851.00130912.00
24/08/2020 10:00333.20145338.00130918.00
24/08/2020 08:00333.18145338.00130918.00
24/08/2020 06:00333.15159756.00130818.00
23/08/2020 24:00332.95217043.00130424.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeLevel (mt)Est. Outflow (cusec)
24/08/2020    22:009.23218981.00
24/08/2020    20:009.25220797.00
24/08/2020    18:009.25220797.00
24/08/2020    16:009.25220797.00
24/08/2020    14:009.26221705.00
24/08/2020    12:009.26221705.00
24/08/2020    10:009.27222613.00
24/08/2020    08:009.29224429.00
24/08/2020    06:009.32227153.00
23/08/2020    24:009.22218073.00
Date/TimeTotal Rainfall (mm)
24/08/2020    22:001754.00
24/08/2020    20:001754.00
24/08/2020    18:001754.00
24/08/2020    16:001754.00
24/08/2020    14:001754.00
24/08/2020    12:001754.00
24/08/2020    10:001754.00
24/08/2020    08:001735.00
24/08/2020    06:001734.00
23/08/2020    24:001680.00


It’s been raining whole day.

Date/TimeLevel (ft)Est. Inflow
Est. Outflow
23/08/2020 20:00332.66245843.00115962.00
23/08/2020 18:00332.51158809.00115450.00
23/08/2020 16:00332.46126883.00112463.00
23/08/2020 14:00332.45109446.00109446.00
23/08/2020 12:00332.41142412.0084633.00
23/08/2020 10:00332.34114759.0085919.00
23/08/2020 08:00332.31100339.0085919.00
23/08/2020 06:00332.29100345.0085925.00
22/08/2020 24:00332.29109989.00124508.00
22/08/2020 22:00332.31110111.00124532.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeTotal Rainfall (mm)
23/08/2020    20:001656.00
23/08/2020    18:001656.00
23/08/2020    16:001648.00
23/08/2020    14:001637.00
23/08/2020    12:001627.00
23/08/2020    10:001614.00
23/08/2020    08:001600.00
23/08/2020    06:001572.00
22/08/2020    24:001530.00
22/08/2020    22:001507.00
Rainfall in Surat


It’s been raining for major part of the day. Ganesh Chaturti celebrations start. Only celebrations at homes. No society or outside gatherings.


Water resided from areas near Parvat Patiya and Limbayat after water subsided from Mithi Kadhi after 5-6 days. SMC cleaning staff has started working on warfront in cleaning all areas which were under water to avoid any kind of diseases prone from waterlogging.

However Bhedwad creek went overflow today and waterlogging was reported in areas surrounding Bhedwad creek. Especially areas like Nagsen Nagar in Pandesara Gam where nearly 1000 houses are located were reported under water upto 1-3 ft deep. Heavy rainfall in upstream and Surat has led to overflow of the creek.

Date TimeDam
Level (ft)
21/08/2020 06:00333.0659912.0074312.00
20/08/2020 24:00333.1959517.00146137.00
20/08/2020 22:00333.3159697.00147317.00
20/08/2020 20:00333.4474905.00175945.00
20/08/2020 18:00333.5789705.00176227.00
20/08/2020 16:00333.68118675.00176356.00
20/08/2020 14:00333.76118718.00176497.00
20/08/2020 12:00333.84118856.00176635.00
20/08/2020 10:00333.92123485.00166745.00
20/08/2020 08:00333.98123459.00166817.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeLevel (mt)Est. Outflow (cusec)
21/08/2020  06:009.14210809.00
20/08/2020  24:009.24219889.00
20/08/2020  22:009.24219889.00
20/08/2020  20:009.24219889.00
20/08/2020  18:009.20216252.00
20/08/2020  16:009.14210809.00
20/08/2020  14:009.08205361.00
20/08/2020  12:009.00198097.00
20/08/2020  10:008.89191078.00
20/08/2020 08:008.84187898.00


Est. Inflow
Est. Outflow
16/08/2020 20:00334.1597727.0097727.00
16/08/2020 18:00334.15107932.0093512.00
16/08/2020 16:00334.12119017.0090176.00
16/08/2020 14:00334.07136776.0093515.00
16/08/2020 12:00334.01143395.0085616.00
16/08/2020 10:00333.93124864.0067183.00
16/08/2020 08:00333.83142742.0056123.00
16/08/2020 06:00333.71142718.0056058.00
15/08/2020 24:00333.35128067.0055966.00
15/08/2020 22:00333.25128162.0055962.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics


Level (ft)
15/08/2020 14:00332.79108667.0050986.00
15/08/2020 12:00332.72108201.0064843.00
15/08/2020 10:00332.6699425.0070585.00
15/08/2020 08:00332.6384944.0070524.00
15/08/2020 06:00332.6185042.0070524.00
14/08/2020 24:00332.5580592.0066172.00
14/08/2020 22:00332.5384921.0070501.00
14/08/2020 20:00332.5184921.0070501.00
14/08/2020 18:00332.44185916.0070456.00
14/08/2020 16:00332.3284791.0070371.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeCause Way Level (mt)
15/08/2020    14:008.33
15/08/2020    12:008.35
15/08/2020    10:008.38
15/08/2020    08:008.38
15/08/2020    06:008.51
14/08/2020    24:008.64
14/08/2020    22:008.62
14/08/2020    20:008.46
14/08/2020    18:008.28
14/08/2020    16:008.01
Surat Causeway Level

Miniflood – Khadipoor

Flood like situation in low lying areas around Creeks

14-Aug-2020 Total rain as of 4pm today – 1284mm. Causeway is flowing at 8.01m and Ukai Dam level is 332.32ft with 84791 cusecs inflow and 70371 cusecs outflow. Low lying areas near the Mithikhadi and the areas surrounding the creek-bridge have overflown and submerged in knee deep water. Roads were blocked in Morning.

The Trajectory of Mithikhadi River and the areas where water logging is reported
Level at
Level at
Khankra6.50 m6.60 m6.60 m
Bhedwad6.75 m7.00 m6.70 m
Mithikhadi7.50 m8.90 m9.00 m
Bhatena7.70 m7.00 m6.50 m
Simada5.50 m5.50 m5.40 m
Data as published in Gujarat Samachar for 14-Aug-2020

13-Aug-2020 It is raining since two days heavily for whole day. As of today evening 5pm – total rain is 1146mm. Causeway is flowing at 7.61 m. And Ukai dam level is at 331ft. Waterlogged near areas of Mithikhadi Creek like Bharat cancer BRTS road, Parvat Gaon near Saraswati Hindi Mahavidyalay and similar areas in Limbayat.

12-Aug-2020 It has been raining continuously for the last 4 days. Every morning and late night it rains heavily and during the day it rains mildly or sporadically. Today morning it is raining heavily. Total rain till now – 970 mm. Causeway is closed and at 6.69 m at 6am today. Ukai Dam level is 330ft.

24-July-2020 It rained heavily last night. Over 50mm (2inches) of rainfall was registered across all zones of Surat. Total rainfall till now is 714mm.

20-July-2020 It did not rain today in Surat. There has been very almost no rain in the last 3 days. Total rainfall till now is 623mm. It is New Moon day (Amavasya)

17-July-2020 It did not rain in Surat today. Total rainfall in Surat till now is 621mm.

17-July-2020 Weather is clear in Surat compared to last week

15 July 2020 555 mm rainfall has been observed till today.

11-July-2020 Double Rainbow observed in Surat.

Weekly updates from Surat – Lockdown 3.0 against Corona


India goes into Lockdown 3.0 after announcement from the centre. India went into nation-wide lockdown from 25th March 2020 for 21 days. All districts were closed for movement. Social distancing, quarantine, self-isolation, clustering, hotspots, sanitization and such words become everyday norm. By the end of 21 days, it was felt there is need for extension of lockdown as the cases still were shooting up. On 15 April 2020, extension of lockdown was announced till 3rd May, which will make the entire lockdown duration of 40 days.

By the end of April, the curve for corona cases had gone flat. It was reported that the doubling rate, which was initially 5 days for some locations has gone beyond 10 to 15 days. It was signal that things were under control and situation was getting towards exit protocol. As the industries, factories and many markets were shutdown, people working as daily wagers and laboraries had their own worries to sustain in this circumstances. So it was decided to further move migrant laborers and stranded people to their respective locations by prior seeking permissions, following norms and under-going medical screenings and quarantines as per the severity of cases from their origin of travel location.

Aviation, Railways and State Transports remain shut during lockdown.

By the end of April, lockdown was extended for 2 more weeks, which is termed as Lockdown 3.0 and categorize all locations under various zones based on the cases, severity and frequency in occurence. All locations were classified into RED, ORANGE and GREEN zones. New norms were set as per zones. India seems to be slowly getting back to it’s normal flow. We will have to see how things unfold in the next two weeks.

Majority of cases are seen in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur, Surat and likewise. Sudden surge in the cases during the first few weeks have left a strong mark on the stabilization of the situation in these cities. But with time, things have returned to the new normal. With health care raising it’s standards and citizens adopting to the situation, gradually everything set into place.

Schools, Colleges, Companies, Factories & many Industries remain shut during lockdown.

Surat fights against corona. Surat being one of the densely populated cities in India as well as the fastest growing cities, it did see the face of corona in its true sense. First week was filled with confusion and eagerness to know what this new global pandemic situation was like. Citizens were stocking up and getting prepared for the situation of lockdown and social distancing. Certain areas were identified as hotspots and soon they were clustered from other parts of the city. As testing went on to increase and new areas identified, there was a point when few areas were kept under curfew to curb the spread of corona cases.

Essential supplies and medical stores were kept open. Proper care was taken to provide relief measures to the needy and stranted. Movement was allowed with the localities during certain hours of the day. With days passing by new norms were being adopted. Satization, disinfection and wearing of masks in public places became the new norm. Covid care centre, hospital, quarantine hostels and home quarantine became part of every day linguistics. Within few weeks, situation was under control. Testing capacity got increased, active survelliance team were able to identify and trace the cases by their expertize, sampling became effective, new areas were identify in early on and clustered. Strong action was being taken against violation of social distancing and movement.

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Wardboys, Police & Corporation Staff emerge as real Heroes.

In time, everyone got adapted to the situation. Many NGOs rose up to the situation and did every bit of their help in making the city function smoothly. SMC used modern digital technologies to track, trace, locate, update and keep things in check. Schools & colleges started to conducted online classes.

Surat looks to slowly start unfolding it’s arm from these week and by the end of lockdown 3 if the cases go down, city will start to return back it’s usual with hustle and movement.


as of 3rd May 2020, morning

SURAT Corona Updates

Confirmed Positive : 638
Active Cases : 477
Patient Recovered : 133
Total Death : 28
Cases Tested : 11879
Under Quarantine : 2199

GUJARAT Corona Updates

Confirmed Positive : 5054
Patient Recovered : 896
Total Death : 262
Cases Tested : 74116
Under Quarantine : 45739


INDIA Corona Updates

Active Cases : 28046
Discharged/Cured : 10632
Deaths : 1301
Total Tested : 976363

State / UTConfirmedActiveRecoveredDeaths