Is it raining in Surat ?

Daily weather update from Surat


Heavy rainfall early morning. Later during the day no rainfall. Evening some sunshine was seen.

Date/TimeLevel (ft)Est. Inflow (cusec)Est. Outflow (cusec)
24/08/2020 22:00333.45159942.00131102.00
24/08/2020 20:00333.41145522.00131102.00
24/08/2020 18:00333.39174399.00131138.00
24/08/2020 16:00333.33174299.00131038.00
24/08/2020 14:00333.28159882.00131041.00
24/08/2020 12:00333.24159851.00130912.00
24/08/2020 10:00333.20145338.00130918.00
24/08/2020 08:00333.18145338.00130918.00
24/08/2020 06:00333.15159756.00130818.00
23/08/2020 24:00332.95217043.00130424.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeLevel (mt)Est. Outflow (cusec)
24/08/2020    22:009.23218981.00
24/08/2020    20:009.25220797.00
24/08/2020    18:009.25220797.00
24/08/2020    16:009.25220797.00
24/08/2020    14:009.26221705.00
24/08/2020    12:009.26221705.00
24/08/2020    10:009.27222613.00
24/08/2020    08:009.29224429.00
24/08/2020    06:009.32227153.00
23/08/2020    24:009.22218073.00
Date/TimeTotal Rainfall (mm)
24/08/2020    22:001754.00
24/08/2020    20:001754.00
24/08/2020    18:001754.00
24/08/2020    16:001754.00
24/08/2020    14:001754.00
24/08/2020    12:001754.00
24/08/2020    10:001754.00
24/08/2020    08:001735.00
24/08/2020    06:001734.00
23/08/2020    24:001680.00


It’s been raining whole day.

Date/TimeLevel (ft)Est. Inflow
Est. Outflow
23/08/2020 20:00332.66245843.00115962.00
23/08/2020 18:00332.51158809.00115450.00
23/08/2020 16:00332.46126883.00112463.00
23/08/2020 14:00332.45109446.00109446.00
23/08/2020 12:00332.41142412.0084633.00
23/08/2020 10:00332.34114759.0085919.00
23/08/2020 08:00332.31100339.0085919.00
23/08/2020 06:00332.29100345.0085925.00
22/08/2020 24:00332.29109989.00124508.00
22/08/2020 22:00332.31110111.00124532.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeTotal Rainfall (mm)
23/08/2020    20:001656.00
23/08/2020    18:001656.00
23/08/2020    16:001648.00
23/08/2020    14:001637.00
23/08/2020    12:001627.00
23/08/2020    10:001614.00
23/08/2020    08:001600.00
23/08/2020    06:001572.00
22/08/2020    24:001530.00
22/08/2020    22:001507.00
Rainfall in Surat


It’s been raining for major part of the day. Ganesh Chaturti celebrations start. Only celebrations at homes. No society or outside gatherings.


Water resided from areas near Parvat Patiya and Limbayat after water subsided from Mithi Kadhi after 5-6 days. SMC cleaning staff has started working on warfront in cleaning all areas which were under water to avoid any kind of diseases prone from waterlogging.

However Bhedwad creek went overflow today and waterlogging was reported in areas surrounding Bhedwad creek. Especially areas like Nagsen Nagar in Pandesara Gam where nearly 1000 houses are located were reported under water upto 1-3 ft deep. Heavy rainfall in upstream and Surat has led to overflow of the creek.

Date TimeDam
Level (ft)
21/08/2020 06:00333.0659912.0074312.00
20/08/2020 24:00333.1959517.00146137.00
20/08/2020 22:00333.3159697.00147317.00
20/08/2020 20:00333.4474905.00175945.00
20/08/2020 18:00333.5789705.00176227.00
20/08/2020 16:00333.68118675.00176356.00
20/08/2020 14:00333.76118718.00176497.00
20/08/2020 12:00333.84118856.00176635.00
20/08/2020 10:00333.92123485.00166745.00
20/08/2020 08:00333.98123459.00166817.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeLevel (mt)Est. Outflow (cusec)
21/08/2020  06:009.14210809.00
20/08/2020  24:009.24219889.00
20/08/2020  22:009.24219889.00
20/08/2020  20:009.24219889.00
20/08/2020  18:009.20216252.00
20/08/2020  16:009.14210809.00
20/08/2020  14:009.08205361.00
20/08/2020  12:009.00198097.00
20/08/2020  10:008.89191078.00
20/08/2020 08:008.84187898.00


Est. Inflow
Est. Outflow
16/08/2020 20:00334.1597727.0097727.00
16/08/2020 18:00334.15107932.0093512.00
16/08/2020 16:00334.12119017.0090176.00
16/08/2020 14:00334.07136776.0093515.00
16/08/2020 12:00334.01143395.0085616.00
16/08/2020 10:00333.93124864.0067183.00
16/08/2020 08:00333.83142742.0056123.00
16/08/2020 06:00333.71142718.0056058.00
15/08/2020 24:00333.35128067.0055966.00
15/08/2020 22:00333.25128162.0055962.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics


Level (ft)
15/08/2020 14:00332.79108667.0050986.00
15/08/2020 12:00332.72108201.0064843.00
15/08/2020 10:00332.6699425.0070585.00
15/08/2020 08:00332.6384944.0070524.00
15/08/2020 06:00332.6185042.0070524.00
14/08/2020 24:00332.5580592.0066172.00
14/08/2020 22:00332.5384921.0070501.00
14/08/2020 20:00332.5184921.0070501.00
14/08/2020 18:00332.44185916.0070456.00
14/08/2020 16:00332.3284791.0070371.00
Ukai Dam Level and Inflow Outflow statistics
Date/TimeCause Way Level (mt)
15/08/2020    14:008.33
15/08/2020    12:008.35
15/08/2020    10:008.38
15/08/2020    08:008.38
15/08/2020    06:008.51
14/08/2020    24:008.64
14/08/2020    22:008.62
14/08/2020    20:008.46
14/08/2020    18:008.28
14/08/2020    16:008.01
Surat Causeway Level

Miniflood – Khadipoor

Flood like situation in low lying areas around Creeks

14-Aug-2020 Total rain as of 4pm today – 1284mm. Causeway is flowing at 8.01m and Ukai Dam level is 332.32ft with 84791 cusecs inflow and 70371 cusecs outflow. Low lying areas near the Mithikhadi and the areas surrounding the creek-bridge have overflown and submerged in knee deep water. Roads were blocked in Morning.

The Trajectory of Mithikhadi River and the areas where water logging is reported
Level at
Level at
Khankra6.50 m6.60 m6.60 m
Bhedwad6.75 m7.00 m6.70 m
Mithikhadi7.50 m8.90 m9.00 m
Bhatena7.70 m7.00 m6.50 m
Simada5.50 m5.50 m5.40 m
Data as published in Gujarat Samachar for 14-Aug-2020

13-Aug-2020 It is raining since two days heavily for whole day. As of today evening 5pm – total rain is 1146mm. Causeway is flowing at 7.61 m. And Ukai dam level is at 331ft. Waterlogged near areas of Mithikhadi Creek like Bharat cancer BRTS road, Parvat Gaon near Saraswati Hindi Mahavidyalay and similar areas in Limbayat.

12-Aug-2020 It has been raining continuously for the last 4 days. Every morning and late night it rains heavily and during the day it rains mildly or sporadically. Today morning it is raining heavily. Total rain till now – 970 mm. Causeway is closed and at 6.69 m at 6am today. Ukai Dam level is 330ft.

24-July-2020 It rained heavily last night. Over 50mm (2inches) of rainfall was registered across all zones of Surat. Total rainfall till now is 714mm.

20-July-2020 It did not rain today in Surat. There has been very almost no rain in the last 3 days. Total rainfall till now is 623mm. It is New Moon day (Amavasya)

17-July-2020 It did not rain in Surat today. Total rainfall in Surat till now is 621mm.

17-July-2020 Weather is clear in Surat compared to last week

15 July 2020 555 mm rainfall has been observed till today.

11-July-2020 Double Rainbow observed in Surat.

Janmashtami 2020 – The Celebrations of Krishna Birth

Krishna Janmashtami is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. It is observed according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar, on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in Shraavana or Bhadrapad, which overlaps with August or September of the Gregorian calendar.

This year – Janmashtami falls on 12-Aug-2020

The celebrations are being done on family level and most of them either celebrating with a Krishna idol in cradle or dressing their little kids as young Krishna.

Overall ambiance has uplifted due to the celebrations and it is going to increase with more festivals in line.

Krishna is considered to be the avatar of Vishnu, one of the Trinity – other two being Shiv and Brahma.

The Purpose of Birth

Krishna’s avatar was responsible for curbing the evil spread by Kansh who happens to be his maternal uncle. The birth story of Krishna involves lot of hurdles which his parents being put in prison and how he escapes it in a magical way. The Leela of Krishna starts from early childhood and continues until he plays a crucial role in the Kuruskshetra war between Pandavs and Kauravs.

Krishna has provided baseline lessons regarding every phase of life and also preached about the right way to live :

  • He has shown by example of his life.
  • He overcame his situations and became the master of it.
  • He faced innate difficulties yet always showcased positivity.
  • He was a guide in true sense.
  • He was a warrior in his own life.
  • He was a musician – playing beautiful music on flute.
  • He was a king. He was a ruler of Dwarka. He was a good friend to Sudhama.
  • He was a charmer in love and relationships.

He has so many names based on his Leelas and roles he has taken in his life. And he has left behind a blueprint for living social life. He has given his teachings in the form of Geeta – The Bhagavad Geeta – one of the finest lessons of life. It is said that all answers lie within it. One who seeks will find it.

Krishna belief has transformed India in ways that has never happened. Places like Mathura, Vrindavan and Dwarka are associated with Krishna. These places are considered to be Religious spots and are revoured deeply by the people of India.

Dwarka is considered to be one of the “Char Dham” – places of prime religious importance. The Char Dham are located in different directions of India forming a logical geographical boundary. Badrinath in the North, Jagannath Puri in the East, Rameshwaram in the South and Dwarka in the West.

The disciples of Krishna are huge and follow various interdisciplinary ideologies based in location and the era they belong to. Similar one modern belief group of Krishna – ISKCON is internationally famous and followed across countries around the world. The people who seek peace and harmony, find the answers and way through the consciousness.

The beauty of the Life of Krishna has lessons which are timeless, priceless and very much relevant in modern times. We can seek and find ways to uplift our social, personal and professional lives.

May you find the path you seek – by consciousness.

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What should be your diet if you have Corona like symptoms

Corona like symptoms – cough, cold, shivering, fever, sour throat, bitter taste, body pains and similar experience related to ARI. For any examination and diagnosis, contact doctor and medical expertise for relief and immediate attention.

You may follow similar diet to get relief and feel better –

  • Drink lukewarm water
  • Add honey and lemon juice into lukewarm water
  • Drink citrus juice – Orange, Mosambi, Melon and others
  • Eat fruits – Apple, Pine Apple, Pomegranate, Papaya, Kiwi and others
  • Drink Kadha – made from Indian spices as a constant immunity booster and instant relief to throat and nose.
  • Keep clean and dry
  • Wash your hands often. Use sanitizer. Keep distance
  • Read books if you like. Watch movies. Check old albums/photographs. Keep light environment and avoid heavy debated talks or discussions either over phone or directly.
  • Try looking at nature – birds, animals, plants, tree and likewise.
  • Create craft or paint if you like or have interest. It is a good pacifier.

Drink some liquid every 2 hours and possibly hot beverages. Avoid coffee if possible.

Take medication if any issue persist and always seek medical attention by doctor.

Keep smiling and stay positive. Stay at home and stay safe. If you or your family members have to go out, keep your mask on and follow social distancing. Avoid touching surfaces and avoid strictly avoid touching your face at any time.

Invest in good mask if you are going out frequently and keep it clean and dry at all times.

It’s Monsoon in India – so keep precautions and watch. Avoid getting drenched as much as possible. If you have to go out – use raincoat and umbrella.

Share positive thoughts and stories. Pray if you may like. And keep calm.

Festivals in August

This year festivals are flying by like a blink of eye. One day you wait for a week to come by and then it’s already a week over. August is the month of festivals in India. Below are festivals of 2020. Though there is not much celebrations outside homes due COVID19 pandemic, within the hope and energy for people is slowly starting to rise.

1 August Bakri ID

3 August Rakshabandhan

Festival of Bond between Brother and Sisters. Analogous to modern day friendship bands. A Rakhi (band) is tied by sister on the right hand wrist of Brother, symbolising promise, power and bond. Sweets are exchanged. Brother gifts sister usually some clothing, ornaments, money or anything she may like. Even after marriage, women visit her maternal home and celebrate this festival.

11-12 August Janmashtami

Festival of fun, energy and joy. It is the festival celebrated in the memory of Shree Krishna birthday. It is believed on this day at midnight Krishna is born. People fast whole night with hymns and kirtans to welcome Krishna. During the next day, many places celebrate Duleti where they mimic the Krishna playing with his friends and breaking butter filled pots by creating a human pyramid.

15 August Independence Day

India got independent on 15 August 1947. This year the parade and all the celebration will be minimal. No schools or colleges are open yet so no celebrations at those locations. However FLAG hosting and ceremony will be done.

16 August Pateti – Parsi New Year

22 August Ganesh Chaturthi

29 August Muharram

31 August Onam

COVID-19 from being a pandemic to becoming a stigma slowly

There seems to be certain level of awareness regarding the COVID19 but within the attempt to raise awareness, there has been perforation of various uncertainties, which has led to the stigma, disassociation and fear in a way. The resultant response is not very clear from the suffering, neither from the people people around. Any respiratory illness and symptoms are being noticed and looked at, probably dealt in ways that might not been.

But amidst all the noise, news, updates, rumors and intent to raise awareness, what slightly possibly is missed is the acceptance of the uncertainty of the way virus may react on the host person and it may change. Secondly any symptomatic person must get attention – professional specialized Covid-19 attention to get the best treatment or response. People who have symptoms and have been in contact with positive confirmed cases should be very vigilant and report at the earliest. Along with that people who have no contact of any form but experience any mild symptoms of ARI, should seek medical attention and isolate.

But beyond all the medical terms and protocols, people must learn to empathize and show care of every form. By helping the people around with clear steps and reducing the vibe and nervousness, things may seem to get clear view.

Each needs to be dealt differently. Half the battle is won if the person is clear in the head.

So to avoid any kind of stigma or reluctance to proceed further with Corona testing or treatment, one must be given proper information and care. Also the time to digest the symptoms.

Empathy. Care. Affection. This will result into a strong response method combined with isolation, medication and precautions.