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Career : I always wanted to work on computers. I passed my tenth with A grade, however due to confusion I chose commerce stream. What options do I have to work in IT ?

First of all congratulations for scoring good grades in your 10th. As you say, that you are interested in computers and if it comes naturally to you, then you can check out one of the several options you have.

I will give example of Surat, you can check for your respective state or university.

You must secure similarly good grades in your 12th board exam. That will give you a leading edge in merit counselling and admissions. If there is any entrance exam conducted for a particular University or state to get admission into MSc IT or BCA then you must prepare accordingly.

You will however not be able to apply for engineering seats.

In Surat, you can apply for MSc IT, which has around 30-40 percent intake for commerce students and based on merit list of board results. You can also apply for BCA through central counselling which is also based on board merit. There is no separate entrance exam as of now, but that might not be the case for other universities.

Career : I am studying 11th Commerce, which programming language is best for me?

I am a student of 11th Commerce. I feel computer knowledge is necessary in this era. I checked iOS programming language but I didn’t understand. Which programming language is in demand nowadays and which one is best for me?

It is good that you are eager to understand the career prospectives in market at an early age, however I would like to clarify few things for you, so you can make a better decision on your own.

Programming language is an enabler for executing the idea and logic that has been built to create something or to solve a problem. So to understand or be able to do something you must at your age focus on algorithm or the logic in solving problems. Once you get going with the ability to think about any problem statement in the terms of executable steps, you can use any programming language or tool, to create a code which will do the task for you.

As you have no experience in programming languages yet, I would suggest you to work on the same problems that you are solving in your day to day classes for eg statistics and economic problems, using some coding language like C, Python or Java. First of all focus on writing down algorithms for the problem statements and then think through. Learn to write simple codes to execute the same on your preferred coding language. Once you get hang of it, practice other intermediate programming features by learning from books and online courses. As you grow, you can then focus on advance coding and market niche skills.

All the best to your endeavors.

What should I know before becoming an engineer

Number 1 – You must not become an engineering graduate, but an engineer. Engineering is not a degree, it’s a profession. So you must be ready to acquire skills, knowledge, problem-solving abilities and an innate determination & interest to build, create, tinker, solve and optimise things.

Number 2 – Engineering is not the only way. There are other professions which are equally dignified. Lawyers, CA, Bank Manager, Railways, Management, Research, Police, IAS, PWD and many others which may suit as per your interest and capabilities.

Number 3 – You must not become an Engineer to earn money. Sure being an engineer pays you well and it can be your trumph card if you are from poor background with talent. It can be your gateway. And you must use your maximum potential to get the best out of yourself and your degree. Having said that, engineering is not a means to earn money, at least not just money. Engineers build stuff. They fix stuff. They plan and create. So that’s the primary responsibility and focus you must develop. Having failed that, you may become rich, successful and happy, but you will not be a good engineer.

Little signs that show you were meant to be. Having said that and cleared. If you still believe and feel, that engineering is your way and you were meant to be one. If you like problem solving and thinking about the why. If you are curious and interested to build things. If you are good at focusing your attention on something for a prolonged period with high level of analysis. If you feel that you want to contribute to nation building in core fields. If you want to solve long pending problem in particular area of world.

A childhood dream meant to be followed and achieved. If you have always had a dream to be an engineer some particular field by your own inclination and influence and not by someone’s pestering or constant bombarding. Then welcome to the world of Engineering, the gates are opened for you. You must strive to prove your worth among the millions, literally to be able to get a stand and that’s just to study engineering. The path towards being one and glorifying your dream will have many rollercoaster rides, challenges and experiences.

How to become an engineer?

First and the foremost step for you is to clear your HSc (12th STD) with Physics and Mathematics along with chemistry or other subjects with minimum 50%. That’s just ELIGIBILITY. But if you cannot score 75 or more, it starts to show some signals.

Secondly, you must prepare yourself for entrance exams – which comprises of complete knowledge, understanding and problem solving of 11th and 12th standard. So if you are of the kind that you forget the syllabus of last year, then you know this is not meant for you. Anyway every new year in college and there on in your career will bring new things to learn where you must remember everything that you previously encountered. Again only if you want to be a good engineer. As mentioned in the prologue.

So you must either aim for

  • JEE Advance to get into IITs
  • JEE Mains to get into NITs, IIITs and likewise
  • State entrance exam (like GUJCET) if you have any, within the top 10% of applicants.

Missing to secure any of the above 3 with your every might and complete efforts, you may start thinking of some other alternative. As said in prologue, something else might suit your style and talent where you can become the best in that profession than being in wrong place. However if you missed giving your best due to some other issues like medical, pandemic or some other stuff, you can reappear for the exam next year by taking a drop and giving your double to secure good position. It will take lot of grit, discipline, will-power and clarity.

Alternative paths and few Lucky ones

Sure you will read about many success stories, prodigies, rare examples of students making it from small to large. It is inspiring. But what you must also know is that you must be willing to put equal amount of efforts, focus and willingness into it to be able to get the same results.

As mentioned earlier, engineering is not the only way, let alone being a topper or great candidate. Life will present you with some more opportunities, that change life for once in and all, but you must be in the right place at the right time with the right frame of mind. Skills, Talent and Knowledge might not be the only thing, once you get out of college, for you to be able to get a good opportunity.

And you can choose to get some job, continue to earn and live to be a clerical engineer. It pays decently. It’s nothing less. You are still an engineer, at least on records. What you must be very clear about it is that you must then not have exuberant expectations like those prodigies, IIT graduates, high paying jobs or respect. You became a clerk and you will get the returns in the same proportion.

So if you don’t make it into the lot where you may have a equally bright future as you imagine, you try for reattempt at your discretion. Or you may try to amplify your efforts in the college to get a fair chance. But do not continue to postpone your results by taking masters, courses and so on just hoping for some better world out there. You must do masters if you have things like Teaching, Research, Higher roles and specilisations on your mind and periphery. It must not be an option because you didn’t make it through placements or worse you didn’t have placements in your college.

The choice will be yours. The decision will be yours. And the outcome will be accordingly. You may prove to be an outlier but then you must know that. All the other times we have far more engineering graduates who fail to make it out of the lot and far more students after 12th trying to get into the lot and slip out by margins. It would have been far more worthwhile to focus efforts on other things to secure good position and hold on the preferred or suited profile or course.

At the very blank perspective towards what it may fold out to be, whichever branch or college you may choose or wish to be in, you must appear for JEE Mains to know where you fall in the lot of millions. Avoiding a correct evaluation or competition, you will only reduce your abilities to face life in it’s original sense, making it only difficult for future challenges that may come at your desk. Your efforts, merged with your choices will give the results that are in proportion. You must be reasonable in that aspect to seek what you plant.

All the best for your career and future.

How history has always been recruiting skills and talents

Back in the days of kings and kingdoms, there used to be courts and courtyards. Those were not courts like the legal courts we have today. They were more like a one-stop-point for people in the kingdom to come about to find solutions to problems, to showcase talent, skills, art and to find justice were some of the major things done.

One peculiar offering of such courts was the display of skills and talent before the king and courtiers. By showcasing some skill they have practiced for years, they impress the king and get price in form of gold, jewels, ornaments or other offering based on how moving and fine the skill is acquired. If it is of use to the kingdom then such skillmen would be recruited in the particular area under the kingdom to serve for the king in return of goods, place to stay and constant pay.

Similarly people who had nothing to show but display their rigor for language, wisdom and understanding of life would also come before the court. They would go about singing some songs or showing control of their arts or speaking in witty ways that would impress the king. The deeper the understanding of world, higher they would have opportunities to be in the good record books of King and his noteworthy people.

Today similar courts are seen in the campus recruitments sometimes at the premises of the organisations, while other times at the institutes. For many years individuals acquire skills in particular area by learning, practicing, training and showcasing what they can do or have been doing. Usually things that one has done is classified as projects and what one can do is classified as dreams. Projects help people be recruited like those in times of courts and be given a job to be done. They must expand their skill to build, create or maintain something in the company and in return they get salary, bonds, house, amenities and shares. As higher their skill and contribution along with their interest to stay in the same kingdom, the greater the returns. They get promoted based on their performance and contribution.

If they lack the projects to showcase what they have done, they may show promise. By speaking in witty ways or showing what their thoughts are they can crack multiple interviews. This is a way to get a chance to be held worthy of something and given the opportunity to prove. So by going through various level of tests, whoever gets to the end receives an offer letter, a written agreement from the king to be paid for their services and their brains.

History has always shaped things slowly in ways that we humans do not see. Our cultures and lifestyles have been tamed in ways that we feel proud of them and we participate with our might, happiness and concrete beliefs. But most likely nothing has changed from the times things used to be the way they were and how things are now.

Certainly we enjoy the flexibility of choosing the temperature in our room, drinking the water purified to the extent we like and store food for days and buy things we like. We possibly feel and do things like a king in the old era couldn’t do, hence the praise live king-size life.

But what we do lack is our position in the entire consensus doesn’t essentially change much. Things improve overall and we get the benefits of it. But we never fully realise our dreams and thoughts. We live within the periphery of the structure that has been bestowed upon us by our choice or circumstances and we capitalize the maximum within that bubble.

Many other beliefs and operations in our life related to our culture, lifestyle and social motto are embedded in us in ways that limit our views. We buy those beliefs and we sell them. We are afterall what we have always been doing. We just try to do things differently. Most things in life along history are fluid and they keep moving in direction of natural flow. We are just small entities within that flow.

Should I do BCom or BCA or MSc IT ! Which is better ?

Often students who have completed 12th Commerce have a confusion with various courses they can opt from and are in constant dilemma as to what should they choose. Since all the counselling and admission process start at the same time and little time to decide what one should do, we bring to you detailed thought through on what each course has to offer and what are the various career tracks available there on. Also it is necessary to take a look through on various skills, habits and interests you have so that it will assist and help you in natural growth in the career you will choose to build.

First and foremost there are numerous courses one can opt for after 12th commerce like BCom, BBA, BCA, BSc IT and many others which are not available in large numbers. If you are confused between BCom or BCA or MSc IT, we have it covered. If you have any other doubts, please comment below your queries.

BCom is a degree course for 3 years in the field of commerce primarily dealing with accountancy, statistics, economics and likewise subjects. It is stepping stone of various careers like CA, Banking, Investment, MBA, Sales, Finance, HR, Accounting, Journalism and various others. So being a Bachelor in Commerce offers you a wide variety of options to become what you want to, given you complete your graduation with good scores and understand the fundamentals involved in economics, trade, business, politics, policies and likewise.

BCA is a degree course for 3 years in the field of Computer Applications. It deals with courses in computer application development where you learn various programming languages, do application development, understand the basics of computer systems, application, infrastructure and focus on becoming a programmer at the beginner. BCA does not incorporate various other subjects which are covered in detailed in Computer Engineering. Basically in Computer Engineering you will be dealing with lot of logic, mathematics, engineering and design to build something new or deal with complex problems. You may achieve similar stance by doing MCA from a good college as well as working on practical projects during college duration to gain first hand experience in practical computer applications.

MSc IT is a post graduate course for 2 years in the field of IT. If opted after 12th commerce, it is a 5 year integrated course which comprises of 3 years of BSc IT and 2 years of MSc IT. This course is similar to BCA with slight various in the focus and expertise gained. Equal or higher participation from Science students expected. Since it is an integrated course with Masters in Information Technology, it opens the doors to various IT companies and start up straight away, given you have the aptitude, knowledge and attitude to nail the interviews. Your course will be aligned to develop applications, understand database, networking and working of various applications. There are aspects of design, latest technologies and practical exposure to projects and events. If you have missed an opportunity to gain a degree in Computer Engineering then your next best short is to go for MSc IT.

So in summary, Bachelors in Commerce is a base platform for you to steer your career towards the profession you want to build your life on. If you are looking for career in CA, LLB, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Management, HR then you can opt for BCom and work towards particular subjects and subject area to help you develop the skills that will foster you in accomplishing your dream.

If you want to become an IT professional or work in companies building applications and software, then you can choose BCA and MSc IT. After completing MCA and MSc IT, you will have an open shot at going at par with BE/BTech students from Computer Engineer or IT, however you will have to face open campus or try multiple job application. By focusing on programming or participating in various practical projects, events, hackathons and clearing your basic concepts, you can establish yourself as a strong professional.

If you like mathematics, problem solving, working on computers, designing and thinking about puzzles, logic, numbers and dealing with complex questions and problems, they you are sure built for MSc IT and MCA.

If you like to deal with people, money, social affairs, numbers, do something that is apparent in life directly, involve in business/management, then you can opt to go ahead in choosing graduation in Commerce, with a clear sight on what you want to do later on. The options are many as stated above, so there is no pressure at this point to decide something hard on. You may however make every attempt to get into a good college, which help you develop necessary skills and keep you updated.

Admission to various courses to colleges under VNSGU are open now. If you have completed 12th Science or 12th Commerce, check out various offering from VNSGU in the field of Science, Commerce, BCA, MSc IT, Education and others. Visit university website http://www.vnsgu.ac.in and apply at the earliest.

Show patience for your relationships and other choices not for your job

Job is Job. It is not one and the only thing. Neither it is supposed to be the only thing. You decided to work somewhere and then you had your time. It’s time to move to next one. If you have a new role or new challenge within the organization then so be it. You can do it. That is similar to finding a job somewhere else. Putting yourself into new dimensions will result into a growth that will help you create value in yourself.

If by staying at a place you get paid for your loyalty then you may be sacrificing on something. Not everyone but some may be. You have to evaluate your position within the organization and where you want to be in life. If the Gap is too much or too little to be filled within your organization then you may have to go for some other job. It is also possible that the immediate requirement in life is asking for more or less based on what is your priority and accordingly you may have to choose to pull strong to keep low. We are all not just employees or professional but we are humans overall. There are other things in life that demand our attention, importance, energy and time. Based on what we consider to be priority or important to us in short run and long run, we have to choose.

Our choices may not be the best in the world but they must be good enough for us. By shaping ourselves in the present along with the people surrounding us, we carve out a beautiful future based on the decisions we take.

So keep rocking in whichever area of life you have chosen to stay and perform. Stay happy and be the best of yourself. Stay kind to yourself and if possible people around you. Cherish for who you are and what you can become. Smile and share a little bit of happiness around you. Every thing will make sense with time and situation.