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Surat Weir-cum-Causeway is closed now August 2020

13-August-2020 Causeway is closed. Water level in Tapi is flowing at 7.61m

12-August-2020 Causeway is closed. And flowing at 6.69m compared to threshold level at 6m.

DateCauseway Level
14-Aug-2020 4pm8.01m
15-Aug-2020 6am8.51m

July 2020 – Causeway is open.

Mar 24, 2020 – Causeway is closed due to spread of COVID-19 Corona virus.

December 2019 – Causeway is open now. Birds are visiting the area.

As of November 4, 2019 water level at causeway is around 8m and the status of causeway is closed.

Surat 30 July 2019 : Weir-cum-Causeway connecting Rander and Singapore areas of Surat is closed for public. Causeway water limit is 6 meters. Currently causeway is overflowing at 6.42 meters, due to which it is closed for public.

Causeway holds water for the people of Surat, which is situated near Rander-Singanpore area. This causeway is used to cross the Tapi River during the normal conditions. When the water is near to or above 6m, the causeway is closed for public as it becomes quite dangerous to cross.

Seagulls in Tapi River near Causeway, Surat
Seagulls in Tapi River near Causeway, Surat

Live status of causeway is provided on Surat Municipal Corporation website as well as Google Maps. Displays which have been put on various BRTS bus stops, traffic signal crossings and some important junctures in city provide the live status of causeway as well as various other details of temperature, air quality status and other important statistics.

Causeway was closed from July to November 2019.

Causeway closed from March 24, 2020 due to spread of Global Pandemic Covid 19. Surat was in lockdown mode from 22 March 2020. Now India has been lockdown for 21 days from March 25, 2020

You can check the Live Status Here.

You can check on Google Maps as shown below

Weir-Cum-Causeway is closed.
Weir-Cum-Causeway is closed.

Travel safe in Surat and check news before you plan going out in and around Surat during Monsoon.