We spend our life to earn a living so that we can live our life

We sell out time to earn money to buy freedom. We sell our identity to earn popularity to become famous. They are selling themselvesTo buy your timeSo they earn for their life Rare things are priceless and difficult to find but they want to be expensive, not priceless. We spend our time to earn aContinue reading “We spend our life to earn a living so that we can live our life”

Be considerate during this tough times

Continuous lockdown or lockdown like situation has impacted a lot of us in ways we have never been trained for. We do not have the slightest of experience where in everyone we know is going through it. The scale at which the experience of a virus going around in life as well the sheer responseContinue reading “Be considerate during this tough times”

Show patience for your relationships and other choices not for your job

Job is Job. It is not one and the only thing. Neither it is supposed to be the only thing. You decided to work somewhere and then you had your time. It’s time to move to next one. If you have a new role or new challenge within the organization then so be it. YouContinue reading “Show patience for your relationships and other choices not for your job”

Musings : Don’t be selfish, just be human

Don’t be selfish all the time that only thing that you think about is you and your family. Don’t be selfish so much that the only thing that matters to you is how much wealth you accumulate, even though you know you won’t carry it with you Don’t be selfish so much that you areContinue reading “Musings : Don’t be selfish, just be human”

Festivals in India : Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Mahavir on Chaitrya Sud Triyodashi. Mahavir is consider to be the founder or proposer of modern day Jainism. Jainism is one of the oldest religions known today and its origins lie in India. Theologians often classify Jainism as a philosophy, a way of living life, rather than aContinue reading “Festivals in India : Mahavir Jayanti”

Pickles from India : The hidden lessons they carry

Pickles are eternal or so they are meant to be. Pickles were there yesterday, are there today and will be there tomorrow. Pickles are made in India since ages. Pickles come in every form and type. The technique to make pickles have been passed on from generation to next generation. Each region makes its ownContinue reading “Pickles from India : The hidden lessons they carry”