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Surat : 25542 applications under RTE, 70% considered valid. Results on 11th September

Right to Education (RTE) enables children from poor background to get admission in private schools. Certain percentage of seats are allocated in private schools for poor students who are granted admission via RTE. Applications for which are made online and relevant documents are submitted. This year document verification is done online as well due to the ongoing pandemic.

A total of 25542 applications were received from Surat for admissions to 950 private schools under RTE. Out of them around 70% have been accepted. And results for the same will be announced on 11th September.

1085 applications were rejected as invalid. Other 6626 were rejected due to various reasons. Majority of them were rejected due to documents incomplete or invalid. This year rent agreement was mandatory as a supporting documentation. Notarized or other rent documents were not considered.

RTE enables lot of families to get their children good education. Most of the expense is born by government under this scheme. If you know someone who can get benefit under this scheme or if you happen to be looking for similar opportunities because of your economical background, be sure to check out RTE and share with people who may need it.

RTE link – https://rte.orpgujarat.com/

Should I do BCom or BCA or MSc IT ! Which is better ?

Often students who have completed 12th Commerce have a confusion with various courses they can opt from and are in constant dilemma as to what should they choose. Since all the counselling and admission process start at the same time and little time to decide what one should do, we bring to you detailed thought through on what each course has to offer and what are the various career tracks available there on. Also it is necessary to take a look through on various skills, habits and interests you have so that it will assist and help you in natural growth in the career you will choose to build.

First and foremost there are numerous courses one can opt for after 12th commerce like BCom, BBA, BCA, BSc IT and many others which are not available in large numbers. If you are confused between BCom or BCA or MSc IT, we have it covered. If you have any other doubts, please comment below your queries.

BCom is a degree course for 3 years in the field of commerce primarily dealing with accountancy, statistics, economics and likewise subjects. It is stepping stone of various careers like CA, Banking, Investment, MBA, Sales, Finance, HR, Accounting, Journalism and various others. So being a Bachelor in Commerce offers you a wide variety of options to become what you want to, given you complete your graduation with good scores and understand the fundamentals involved in economics, trade, business, politics, policies and likewise.

BCA is a degree course for 3 years in the field of Computer Applications. It deals with courses in computer application development where you learn various programming languages, do application development, understand the basics of computer systems, application, infrastructure and focus on becoming a programmer at the beginner. BCA does not incorporate various other subjects which are covered in detailed in Computer Engineering. Basically in Computer Engineering you will be dealing with lot of logic, mathematics, engineering and design to build something new or deal with complex problems. You may achieve similar stance by doing MCA from a good college as well as working on practical projects during college duration to gain first hand experience in practical computer applications.

MSc IT is a post graduate course for 2 years in the field of IT. If opted after 12th commerce, it is a 5 year integrated course which comprises of 3 years of BSc IT and 2 years of MSc IT. This course is similar to BCA with slight various in the focus and expertise gained. Equal or higher participation from Science students expected. Since it is an integrated course with Masters in Information Technology, it opens the doors to various IT companies and start up straight away, given you have the aptitude, knowledge and attitude to nail the interviews. Your course will be aligned to develop applications, understand database, networking and working of various applications. There are aspects of design, latest technologies and practical exposure to projects and events. If you have missed an opportunity to gain a degree in Computer Engineering then your next best short is to go for MSc IT.

So in summary, Bachelors in Commerce is a base platform for you to steer your career towards the profession you want to build your life on. If you are looking for career in CA, LLB, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Management, HR then you can opt for BCom and work towards particular subjects and subject area to help you develop the skills that will foster you in accomplishing your dream.

If you want to become an IT professional or work in companies building applications and software, then you can choose BCA and MSc IT. After completing MCA and MSc IT, you will have an open shot at going at par with BE/BTech students from Computer Engineer or IT, however you will have to face open campus or try multiple job application. By focusing on programming or participating in various practical projects, events, hackathons and clearing your basic concepts, you can establish yourself as a strong professional.

If you like mathematics, problem solving, working on computers, designing and thinking about puzzles, logic, numbers and dealing with complex questions and problems, they you are sure built for MSc IT and MCA.

If you like to deal with people, money, social affairs, numbers, do something that is apparent in life directly, involve in business/management, then you can opt to go ahead in choosing graduation in Commerce, with a clear sight on what you want to do later on. The options are many as stated above, so there is no pressure at this point to decide something hard on. You may however make every attempt to get into a good college, which help you develop necessary skills and keep you updated.

Admission to various courses to colleges under VNSGU are open now. If you have completed 12th Science or 12th Commerce, check out various offering from VNSGU in the field of Science, Commerce, BCA, MSc IT, Education and others. Visit university website http://www.vnsgu.ac.in and apply at the earliest.