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Understanding scope of Science with the help of Cricket


Most of us understand things in life when we look around for examples. Some things are easier to be understood when correlated with everyday things. One such correlation as an example to understand the scope of Science can be found in Cricket.

The game of Cricket!

Cricket is a game of ball, bat and wickets. It is a game in which a bowler bowls a ball to a batsman playing at other end of pitch trying to defend or attack the ball while saving his wicket. And there are other players who are fielding in the ground. And so many other aspects to it regarding the rules and regulations as well as the nomenclature.

Scope of Cricket

However cricket is played at various levels such as gully cricket, box cricket, in a ground and in a stadium. As well as various formats like T20, ODI and Test. In each format the number of overs are different and the strategy of game differs. As well as where it is played, the context of the game changes. However fundamental of the game remains the same. A batsman playing against a ball bowled by the bowler and trying to score runs.

In gully cricket it may be considered out if one hits the ball hard enough or in the sky beyond limits considering it may hit someone or break someone’s window glass. Whereas the same stroke with power would fetch one a boundary or a sixer in a stadium. In the context of the game and the situation the norms and expectations are changed.

Basic Science

Now let’s take the same stuff into Science. When one tries to understand the concepts of science like Light, Atoms, Energy, Plants, Human body systems and so on, at the school level, they are expected to gain basic understanding of the concepts. That may include, not limited to, the definitions, descriptions, examples and understanding the whats. Sometimes it includes the why and how of a concept in a simpler way without going into details, just like the gully cricket.

The same concept can be stretched on to understand in detail at college level, research level and some questions remain unanswered by science till date. We may reach to the closer approximation or explanation of something but we cannot affirm the confirmation of many things. Science certainly can explain and reproduce many events completely but some remain to be puzzled yet.

When any particular concept or topic is taken up in detail, it starts to behave similar to an international match in an championship event. It has many facets to it and everything is almost dynamic. So what should be the approach to learn Science. What is the simplest explanation of Science like that of cricket.

Approach to Science!

To be good at Science and to embrace it completely one must continue to be curious, be inquisitive to understand something well, ask questions, observe things acutely and connect all the information they have absorbed and if possible conduct experiments or further observation to base their understanding on firm provable and reproduceable facts and experiments.

Growth in Science

Often there may be no direct answers to the simple questions one may have at early age in school to the questions like why there are thunderstorms, how does it rain exactly, how do plants grow, why there are only 7 colors in a rainbow and many other things. Even though we may explain things in a simpler way by introducing the concepts like photosynthesis, refraction, precipitation and many other at early stage. Mere definitions and name should not be considered to be the final conclusion of something. By asking further questions one may learn more and giving rise to even more questions. In the quench to understand something a new discovery may await us. That’s how Science grows.

An example makes is easier to understand.

But all be said, within the scope of the game you must restrict yourself from playing shots in the air in gully cricket and hit harder in stadium. Same way one must learn to be flexible yet firm to understand and immerse in Science.

Surat : 25542 applications under RTE, 70% considered valid. Results on 11th September

Right to Education (RTE) enables children from poor background to get admission in private schools. Certain percentage of seats are allocated in private schools for poor students who are granted admission via RTE. Applications for which are made online and relevant documents are submitted. This year document verification is done online as well due to the ongoing pandemic.

A total of 25542 applications were received from Surat for admissions to 950 private schools under RTE. Out of them around 70% have been accepted. And results for the same will be announced on 11th September.

1085 applications were rejected as invalid. Other 6626 were rejected due to various reasons. Majority of them were rejected due to documents incomplete or invalid. This year rent agreement was mandatory as a supporting documentation. Notarized or other rent documents were not considered.

RTE enables lot of families to get their children good education. Most of the expense is born by government under this scheme. If you know someone who can get benefit under this scheme or if you happen to be looking for similar opportunities because of your economical background, be sure to check out RTE and share with people who may need it.

RTE link – https://rte.orpgujarat.com/

Why every girl deserves a fair chance to stand on her feet

When I meet parents of a young girl who want their daughter to complete her education and get married by the age of 18 so they can feel fulfilled about their responsibility in life, I feel sad and disappointed by their views on life. They are ready to spend 10-20 lakhs on her marriage and dowry but they cannot send her to a better school nor provide her with extra facilities that may help her secure good grades or acquire skills that may help her become something in her life. And there is no question of support in case the girl wants to become something unconventional like singer, dancer, painter or likewise. Even those who have big dreams of professional life aligned with academics are not given a fair chance to prove their worth.

If you do not let them get a fair chance to do what they possibly can you are jeopardizing their entire life into a cyclic loop of compromise and confusion.

Everytime you say a girl to clean the house because that is what you believe she is going to do her entire life, you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

Everytime you expect a girl to believe that it’s her responsibility to take care of family, have kids and nurture them and there is nothing more to her life, you are causing more damage than good.

Everytime you tell her to not have dreams and just follow the cycle of life, you are pulling back an entire kin to be lost about life.

So wake from your false narration and weakness. If you do not have what it takes to give them the leverage to explore life and become something, what you can possibly do is at least support her until she can stand on her feet and prove that she can do it.

If you cannot give something than you have no right to revoke anything, including her future and dreams.

So believe in her and believe in yourself. In the days things turn tough and difficult, hold on until the good times come. Make every possible attempt to give equal and open fair chance to every girl and the world will slowly become a better place. You will be liberated from your from your bondages and give her freedom to live in this world with confidence and openness.

How to choose your career after 10th SSC results

You fix your goal and find your path. You decide at an early age you want to be become a doctor. What kind not sure yet may be. So you are curious about science and learn as much as you can. You must score good enough in science, maths and English during your SSC. It will make you ready to work long hours, stay focused and learn new things without frowning and develop the ability to remember lot of things. It will help you develop your own brain. Then you must choose Biology as your subject in HSC and put your heart out to get good grades. At the same time you must try to understand what is that you are studying and while going through various aspects of biology it will help you think about how you want to contribute to the world. You must understand that being a doctor to earn lot of money is not the kind of world we want to live in. So you must inculcate feelings of compassion, analytical ability and if you happen to narrow down your thoughts to surgery, then you must learn to keep your mind serene. Once you get around 1000 Rank in your state, you have a good chance to get admission into good colleges. So you must look at the cut off of such colleges in the last 3-4 years and then plan your studies after your 11th vacation. Once you are done with your 12th exams, you must then think about which particular branch would suit you or what is the burning issue in the world around you that you want to be able to contribute or probably fix. So slowly following the journey you will reach there. You can talk to other doctors in various fields and learn about what they do in their every day life. You can talk to researchers. You can use platforms like LinkedIn or Quora to connect such professionals. Once you complete your graduation be it in medicine, dental, physiotherapy or any other field of your choice you may continue to become a master in that or continue with your service in hospitals, labs or research institutes.

By knowing where you want to go. By fixing what you want to become, you can follow the path to become that. Same way you can choose to become an engineer, banker, salesman, accountant, singer, painter, wildlife filmmaker, traveller, chef, journalist, model, astronaut, pilot, architect, designer, gamer, entrepreneur, businessman and so on.

Other ways to find your passion, niche and role in life is mentioned below :

You fix your vehicle and travel on your path

You fix your path and follow it to know where it leads

You keep hopping to the next best thing

GSEB Gujarat Board 12th Science results are out now

Gujarat Board GSHSEB 12th Science results are out now at www.gseb.org 12th Science stream exams were conducted during March 2020 in around 139 centres across Gujarat. Out of the total 143278 students who had registered for the exam, 142117 students attended the exams. Regular students who applied in 2019-20 were 116643 out of which 116494 appeared for the exam. 83111 students have passed the exam, bringing the passing percentage to 71.34

Rajkot has best performance in all districts.

Opinions | Driving India from being a literate nation to being an educated nation

Communication has been one of the strongest aspect of human qualities. Invention of letters, printing press and media has transformed our lives like never before. However at the acuteness of the ability to text, call and video call some at any minute of the day has been gradually shifting our notion of communication. Literature is changing it’s shape. We have always faced the confusion of knowing the difference between what is being said and what it is.

Education is the key unlock the potential. We as a nation, growing in every aspect of life be it social and economical likewise, we must take a look at how we arrive at a conclusion and what it means to be educated.


Literacy is the ability to read and write. Most often then not, in India the ability to read is consider sufficient enough to be literate, because even though they can read and write, it will be far from impossible for many to able to draft a letter or complaint or express their thoughts onto paper because they don’t do it.

Literacy is not a clear indicator. So even though our literacy index is increasing every year, there are numerous young children who lack the ability to comprehend what they have read. And it is far more difficult for many children to express their thoughts and ideas by writing, not because they lack the imagination, ideas or thoughts but because they have not been habituated with the practice of writing by self. Often in schools and colleges, it is expected to write or re-write whatever is written in the text-books without any change in sentence and at times words. This creates a void in writing by self.

Literacy is not the indicator of development or upliftment in complete sense. It sure is an enabler but it all depends on how we measure and implement it.

Reality is difficult and different. All the kids who drop out of the schools after secondary education and those who cannot clear the board exams come to face the harsh realities of life early on at a very young age. Not to miss the fact that there are other circumstances and situations that force young kids in our country to face dire difficulties of life due to poverty, orphanage, bad parenting especially alcoholic father and many other situations that are not in anyone’s control like being effected by natural disaster or sometimes man-made.

It is in our time that we need to address this issue in it’s raw form and always keep an open eye to uplift such young kids and bring them into equal participation and stature of every day life in India, however mediocre it is. We want humans to live like humans.


Information travels at the speed of light. There is a group of people, very large in number who are well informed or as so they think they are. Often the channel of information flow is via person-to-person in their every day talk. But there are other broadcast methods which send out information to a larger mass at a single instance like radio, newspaper, TV and social media. Information about weather, natural disasters, politics, movies, sports, national and local events reach every nook and corner as well as old and the young equally.

Challenge of reality versus illusion. Often people believe they are updated about things happening around them and they are well informed but being informed is one thing and having a clarify of truth and facts is another thing. There is a reason why it is necessary to develop the ability to read between the lines or find a source of information which is very reliable, especially now that we have a chain of fake news and social media news businesses thriving to send out and reach your inbox and notifications.

You may be well-informed of the facts but completely unaware of the truth.

Carriers are the consumers of information. The people who watch lot of daily soaps, feed on TV news, gather to talk about politics, cricket, bollywood and nation at street corners fall into this category. It is not that they speak something out of the ordinary or something that is wrong, it is just morphed. They do not form opinions based on their own thinking but from what they have been told, heard, read and informed. Mind you, that it is in no way suggesting that they lack some sense or network, infact often they are some of the first hand information holder of news like the auto-rickshaw drivers, shop keepers, early morning movers and so on.

Knowing something is crucial and important but to be able to think critically and logically about it needs an added flavor to our observations and skills.


The readers club. With in us there a group of people who like to read a lot. They go through editorials in newspaper, read through magazines of distinct categories, dive through many books on various subjects of their interest, visit places of importance, observe keenly what is happening in their surrounding, critically think about what is being said and wrote. They absorb the things around them, they feed their minds with information and channelize their thoughts then they come up with new ideas, emotions, opinions and ideologies. They think through many aspects before they happen or after they happened and try to establish a theory or opinion about things surrounding the events and occurrence.

Swords are used to fight wars and pens are used to shape history. Often such people become a part of big club such as historians, mass media and communicate, journalism, bloggers, activists, campaigners, critics and some go on to become prominent members in the societies or industries. They are the circulate of information for the being informed club. They are experts who give our opinions, advice and share reviews about various aspects in our life.

Pic from Pexels.com

Carry the power with some responsibility. It is the responsibility of such people to form a neutral opinions and views as often possible. They must seek truth and share facts and formalize complete understanding of certain aspect be it lifestyle, culture, politics, policies, events and likewise. It is the power of pen that this people carry and they must use it for the larger benefit of the society and not merely of self or acquaintance. By forming collective conscious affirmative thoughts and opinions they can drive the larger mass into the state of clear understanding and evidence. Inherent idealogies and beliefs are formed by large because of previous bombardment of misleading concepts. By creating an invoked society large part of the problems we face as a result of such ideologies and beliefs, we can eradicate them or transform a new chain of thoughts that has always been dreamt of or pursued in our country.


Built for the kill. Mother leopard trains it’s cub at the age of 1 or 2 to hunt preys. They are usually 2-3 in numbers and observe from far as their mother hunts. As they grow to be large enough in size but lacking in experience they try to emulate their mothers actions. But initially they end up in failure by choosing the wrong prey or by stepping at the wrong side or going early enough or too late. With time they catch up to form a team and drive a prey into a corner and kill. As the mother sees them hunt their first prey successfully, she decides to walk off from their life. She has been providing for them for over an year by hunting every week tirelessly but now it’s time for them to fend for themselves and live their life on their own. They have been trained.

Trained to behold and perform. Similarly our society structure is formed by having people who are trained to help things function in the way they must. All the production houses, manufacturing plants, power plants, industries, factories and service centres need enormous amount of army to help things funciton. These group of people are the trained souls who have read well, focused on a particular area, practice, performed the tasks numerous times and developed their brain to give out put in a desired fashion. They are the doctors, pilots, engineers, technologists, soldiers, technicians, scientists, designers and some artists like musicians, painters, singers and likewise with deep core competencies and skills.

They are the backbone of our economy and the drivers of the pretty much every aspect of our life. By developing core competencies in their respective field of area they can create, fix, respond and design things in ways that help us to keep functioning in our life as well as every few decades they transform how we live our life. Most often they are finest of individuals who have good control on their nerves, thoughts, emotions and overall stature that makes them who they are. They serve the nation, they serve the ill, they protect lives, the build things that help humans sustain life like electricity, infrastructure and commodities.


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