Gir 2020 : Increase in Lion population in Gir, India

The population of lion in Gir, India increases by 27.74% to 674 in 2020 from 523 in 2015. Gir National Park located in Gujarat, India is home to Asiatic lion and home natural habitat of lions in India. The forest area is spread across 30000 km2 in 2020 from previously recorded 22000 km2 in 2015.Continue reading “Gir 2020 : Increase in Lion population in Gir, India”

When water becomes a crisis

When something as basic as water becomes a crisis, it speaks a lot about us ! When fresh water is distributed on basis of your ability to pay for it, you are creating a dearth for a lot of people who will be devoid of their basic right to drink clean water. They will beContinue reading “When water becomes a crisis”

Why you must watch Wildlife : Resurrection Islands by Nat Geo featuring Bertie Gregory

Hope Storytelling Freshness. Number one reason why you must watch Wildlife series Resurrection Island by Nat Geo is simply because it’s awesome and only few shows or episodes come closer to it with respect to story telling, hope, videography and freshness brought in by Bertie Gregory. Now that you know that there is this awesomeContinue reading “Why you must watch Wildlife : Resurrection Islands by Nat Geo featuring Bertie Gregory”

Bird Watching in Surat | Black headed ibis return to the city

07-May-2020 | Surat Black-headed Ibis have started to visit Surat since a week. They seem to be getting reading for the oncoming Monsoon season. Every year these birds come to breed in the small numbers near the ponds, waterhole, mushy areas in the city. Black-headed Ibis are these distinct birds with a devilish look andContinue reading “Bird Watching in Surat | Black headed ibis return to the city”


Surat is under lockdown since 25th March 2020, along with other districts of India due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused by novel corona virus SARS-CoV-2. Currently there is no known solution to treat this disease and social distancing along with rigourous hygiene practices like frequently washing hands, avoiding touching of surfaces and faces, using sanitizer,Continue reading “DISINFECTION IN SURAT BY SMC DURING COVID19 PANDEMIC”

Migratory Birds Seagulls visit Surat every winter

Seagulls visit Tapi River banks in Surat every year during winter in large numbers. They come in thousands and stay here for 3-4 months from November to February. This year as well they have come to taste Surti food for which they have become adapted and habituated for. It seems they keep coming to tasteContinue reading “Migratory Birds Seagulls visit Surat every winter”