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Little things that can make you smile from within

What can you do to feel good from within!


Go out in your vicinity and look at some of your neighborhood kids playing in the park or ground. Step out and meet your next door neighbor with a kid. Talk to them about their hobbies or play with them for a while. When you engage with little children who are innocent and naive, you will feel certain emotions of simplicity and joy. This will let you unwrap your head around the complexities of grown up life.


It may not be easy to find a joyful elderly person who engages in cheerful conversations and insightful talks. However if you can get hold of one who can talk about life in a broader sense, then make sure you stay connected and meet often to talk about things in life. It may give you perspective of life from a viewpoint that you may eventually realize after going through many things. You can then avoid repeating the same things to learn something from the elderly.


You can spend time with birds either looking at them from far in their natural environment or feed them if they are casual around humans. Being able to feed the birds and listen to their musical sounds will uplift your mood and make you feel one with nature.

Nature has in store for each of us, something that can make us feel alive! It’s just a matter of time we open up to such experience.

If you have pets then spend time with them. Get the most of your time by taking them out for a walk, bathing them or cleaning them. Build a house for them and decorate.

If you can spend some time out and have access to natural environment like waterfall, woods, river or hills then go over weekends and spend some quality time with family. Pack your favorite foods and some games to get the most of it.


If there is no access to outside world, then you can resort to binge watching your favorite movies or series. Invite your closed ones or friends over for a weekend and cook some fancy stuff. Indulge in relaxing and light music. Grab some food and enjoy the movies. Play games to mix active mood.

Over the period of time, things will become a natural habit to have a mix of everything and life will seem beautiful.

Are we humans to be self-sufficient or coexisting or dependent ?

One thought – a lion kept in zoo is no more aggressive and gets it’s food on time without much efforts

Does it make lion less enabled for the wild ?

Same way a grown human must fend for self or be provided

If provided does that make them any less capable to deal with the nuances of life

And if not so is it meant to be togetherness and domestication as we live in social structure

But if then so, are we actually still in the process of looking out for each other as in the wild,

Since now the threat is not always equally applicable to all unless it’s a global pandemic

Have we come to a loophole ?

Life inside a shell !

A ten year old who thinks she will become a singer one day practices every evening with new songs and tunes. Parents think that this is just a floating thought and it’s for fun. They never encourage. No special care or attention is given to her. She wins in school competition every year and participates in annual function. With time every year same thing repeats. Neither is she sent to any music classes nor given any training by a professional. She is not even put in the circle of such young minds. Instead she is made fun of by her relatives. She continues to live in her own world believing her self and practicing as often as she can. When reality of life will be at her door, life will uncover what’s in store.

Pickles from India : The hidden lessons they carry

Pickles are eternal or so they are meant to be. Pickles were there yesterday, are there today and will be there tomorrow. Pickles are made in India since ages. Pickles come in every form and type. The technique to make pickles have been passed on from generation to next generation. Each region makes its own kind of pickle with the local produce available. Lot of spices and ingredients go into pickle to make it last long without any kind of synthetic or chemical preservatives. There might have been lot of iterations done by various people to perfect the art pickle to contain the right amount of natural preservatives as well as maintain the right kind of texture and taste.

Pickle making is an art in India. Usually pickles are made of Mango, Lemon and Amla. This is not exclusive or not limited list. There are various kinds of pickles made based on local fruits, plants and produce which last from 2 weeks to as long as 1 year. And you will be surprised to find the same taste even after an year. No modern preservation technique can come close to keeping food so fresh and long lasting.

Pickle making is art, science, religion and festival in India.

Pickle making starts at shopping for the ingredients and ends at placing the jar in the safe corner. When the season for pickle making starts like for eg the season for Mango pickle starts in summer. Ladies of the house often accompanied by a senior lady go to buy the best mangoes that are available. They pick each by hand and decide to pay the minimum they can. They bargain a lot. Why ? Because the amount of pickle that goes into the making is in large quantities for many households. It is made in small batches as 1 kg to large batches as 5kg to 10kg in a joint family. Those who have farms of their own, grow their yield separately and don’t have to go through the hustle of buying. They keep the best crop for themselves.

Pickle making is a family activity. Once the mangoes are brought home, they are washed nicely and cleaned until there is no water. Water is the enemy of pickles, well for most of them which are kept for long. Then all ladies, kids and men likely join in the process of cutting, marinating and preserving the pickle. For each kind of pickle, there is a separate process. But in all of them, the base idea is to keep things clean, follow the process taught to them by their granny, mother or mother-in-law and keep the pickle to rest in safe place. Most houses consider it equivalent to a religious ritual to make pickle as any kind of damage or rotting in the long wrong is considered bad.

Pickle making is Science. Process above everything. Most pickles are kept in solution of some kind of food oil and usually contains ingredients like mustard (Rai), clove (laving), fenugreek (methi), til, corainder (daniya) and other seeds in dry roasted and powder form. The aroma of the spices is spread in the entire colony. Pickle is mixed and packed in the jar made of ceramic or glass or similar containers which are specifically chosen for pickles. Usually whatever spice mix is left after the pickle is packed, is enjoyed by the family with rice, chapati or any snack on that day itself.

One stop solution for travel, minimalism, economy and food. Pickles last long. Pickles can be carried easily. Pickles need not be cooked again. Pickles don’t need any kind of alteration. Pickles can be eaten with rice, roti, any kind of snack. They are taste boosters. Pickles make food wholesome. Pickles remind you of your culture, tradition, village, home and specially of your family.

Pickle is poor man’s food. For the well off pickle may be a side dish or taste enhancer but for the real poor of India, pickle is a half part of meal. When the days are not well, they just add pickle in between roti and enjoy with some onion or chilly. When they travel in trains or are on move from one village to another, it helps them to travel light and eat healthy stomach filling food. When the supply of vegetables is over a toss or their is a breakdown in the supply due to any kind of natural calamity or strikes or damage to crops, pickles help to manage the days by functioning as supplements.

Pickles are made at home by family with hands, care, dedication and lot of love!

Pickle haters are few, yet they have their reasons. Some may complaint about the amount of oil, spices, chillies or other ingredients that go into the pickles that it makes their stomach upset or heat them up. But certainly they are not in the right context and use of pickles. It may not be right for them to consume but for millions, I say MILLIONS in India, it is a part of every day meal. For some it’s the major part of their meal. So don’t eat if you don’t like, but do not speak ill of it. It is not meant for you.

Homemade food made with lot of ingredients and a little love. Pickles in India are not made in factories with machines and synthetic preservatives. Pickles are made at home by family with hands, care, dedication and lot of love. Today in India, many varieties of pickle are sold in packets, containers some made by people, some made by industries. They may be good or may not. You can check the ingredients listed. But once you taste the pickle made by a mother, you will never forget it.

Pickles mix with every dish without any complaint.

Add pickle in your bucket list. If you are travelling to India for the first time, then make sure to add it in your bucket list to taste some form of home made pickle. You may carry some with you. However make sure to ask about the ingredients or heat level if you are allergic to any kind of food or cannot tolerate. For fun, you keep a bottle of milk with you and try it. If you fall in love with pickles then you will find each village have a variety of each kind of pickle and their are so many different kinds of pickle, so it will be a pursuit for you, even if you are Indian.

Pickles saved many generations in India. Pickles are their for a reason. If you don’t know the reason and don’t want to know, then at least check at the scale of their presence and accept the importance. For situations like COVID19 when the movement was restricted, pickles have helped many households. Even though the essentials were allowed in this scenario, many scenarios in life, don’t come with the liesure or choice. So pickles become a saviours. So I urge you all who consider pickles to be just another product in the food racks of shopping malls, to remember your childhood or make a call to your mother or grand mother and know about their experiences related to pickle and if you are lucky you may find a secret recipe hidden in them. It’s time to bring it out and try, before they are lost forever.

Let us know your favourite pickle in comments section below. If you are visiting our site from other parts of the world, share your thoughts on pickles and which kind of pickles are made in your country. If you don’t like pickles, share your feelings and reasons.

A little act of kindness goes long way

This post Bundle of CONFIDENCE with LOVE…!!! was originally posted on IDOL ROSE blog by DILINIWIJESINGHE, a kind heart young lady from Sri Lanka, the original owner of the content. This post along with featured image has been republished after seeking permission, without any change in content apart from displacement of images and change in title to mark the act of kindness done by her. In the spirit of her kindness, we send her warm regards for happiness and good health. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Bundle of CONFIDENCE with LOVE…!!!


They are fighting a battle, a fight against a silent killer. Not every one of them is lucky enough to beat the enemy but the fight itself is an act of bravery. These beautiful four letters -“H O P E”- are the only things that drive them to keep fighting because the pain is real and so is the hope! Do you know in every three minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer and over 175,000 of children and adolescents are currently been treated every year for childhood cancer??

Even for today it’s a mystery how these little kids become victims of this disease as adults have their own reasons such as alcohol, smoking, drugs etc. When a little one is diagnosed with cancer it is a battle that the whole family is fighting for. With the advancement in the medical industry the survival rates of childhood cancer has been increased from 10% to 90% yet a life spent by a kid is tough to stand strong. The average age of a kid to become a victim of cancer is age 6 and because of this disease they lose the opportunity of discovering, exploring and feeling the beauty of world, getting new experiences and friends.

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When I get to visit these little kids at Cancer Hospital, Maharagama, Sri Lanka, it was very painful to see these small kids and young blood of the country suffering yet fighting bravely against this silent killer. Most of them rode tricycles in the special play area built for them instead of their own home garden, they knew the names of their chemo instead of their classmates, they have the friends for their lives on the either side of their hospital beds and doctors & nurses were family to them. And yes when we get to see their laugh it makes us melt, their strength makes grown people cry and when you see a child fights cancer it changes your life forever.

That is the moment that we realize only the medicines cannot cure these little souls but should give them the sense of hope too. That we should convince them yes cancer is an ugly disease but beauty of life after cancer is worth fighting for…!! After a terrific battle as at today 90% of the kids will recover from cancer but with side effects such as infertility, lung failures, and permanent hair loss etc. These things will hinder their confidence of presenting themselves to the society after the recovery. Mainly when they loss their hair permanently.

There is where we can play a significant role in their lives. Although all of us are not medical majors we can still be a part of their courageous journey to protect their confidence. Just one way of making them confident and happy individuals in the society is that donating our hair to make them look good after the battle they fought. In a world where nothing is permanent and where we don’t belong even to us, I believe the greatest display of love is not making bonds with materialistic things but in the sacrifice we make towards a needy stranger just to see their smile.

The happiness of giving others a smile, loving them unconditionally without even them asking or without expecting anything in return, cannot be explained by words but should be felt by hearts! Therefore the piece of hair you donate them won’t be just a piece of hair for the little kids but a “BUNDLE OF CONFIDENCE” to face the society.

In giving confidence to these angels there are no limits as in whether you are a guy or a girl as long as your intentions are pure. Because I, myself have male friends growing their hair just to pass the confidence and happiness to these kids irrespective of societal critics. And also one gorgeous young lady once told me it takes one brave person to donate their hair but the happiness that person gets when they see the smiles of those kids will last a lifetime.

Thanks to that young lady I was convinced that I should not miss the chance of making these kids happy because life is too short and happiness is too rare. So today as a happy donor yes I’ve realized the richest people in the world are those who give more than take; because giving fills your life with things that money can’t buy…!!!!

This is to all the bravest cancer fighters and to all the brave donors of “BUNDLES OF CONFIDENCE” around the world.💝

This post is republished with consent from original author. If you would like to contribute or share your work with the world, then join us in our journey of spread little smiles along the way via writing, story telling, poetry and posts.

What a single migration by Elephants can teach you about life

A journey of a year, repeated until eternity. Elephants in central and east Africa take a migration from their homelands to islands in the east during the summer. To save themselves from the scorching heat and find water they travel hundreds of miles over weeks to reach a place for stay during the difficult times. Once the season changes and monsoon arrives in their homelands they take a return journey. Amidst the travel and return they go through various difficult terrains, hurdles, dangers and challenges. They overcome all of them one by one by sticking to the herd and following the Matriach, the leader of the group, often the eldest female. By going through various aspects of the journey undertaken by the Elephants every year, we can understand about life more than we would in our own life time.

The journey that begins before birth. Every year Elephants take migration from their homelands to other greener areas during the summer. This journey is one of the firsts for many while it is one of the so many for the Matriach. Elephants stay in groups like us. They follow a hierarchy and family system. The group is led usually by eldest female elephant called as the Matriach.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Initial days. Early on the Matriach guides the herd to move on from their homeland and follow her. As the water in the sanctuary starts to dry off, it creates puddles of mud and Elephants love to play in the mud. So as they arrive it’s a clean source of water and by the time they leave it becomes a slumpy muddy ground. But only the Matriach knows the difficult of starting late and being stuck in nowhere. So she ends the party and asks them to follow.

No water. Scorching heat. Little green. The herd follows the Matriach. The group is made of many female elephants and young elephants. Some elephants are born during this Exodus. Grown up male elephants leave the group to start their own life. They are the bull elephants. They fight to mate and live. Living without a group is a difficult experience in wild for some animals. As they continue their journey and move out the sanctuary, the green cover goes on reducing. Matriach makes some stops at places she feels there is some shade and good source of protein and little water in the leaves or plants. But the stop is not for long. Soon they have to continue walking one behind the other.

Memory map. Survival of elephants depend on the leadership of the group. The herd with an experienced Matriach has safety net. Elephants have strong memory. They remember the landmarks, path and faces. By locating the landmarks the Matriach continues to move ahead in the journey. And by training the other elephants about the important spots. Often the eldest elephant has gone through various experiences in life and is aware of every water hole in the vicinity, sometimes of the only water source in the season is known by them.

Danger of crossing the river. When you are travelling as a group together, you must consider your weaknesses. To cross a river, you must estimate the depth before reaching the middle of the river and also look for any predators like crocodiles around. You have to safe guard your young ones and swim them through the river. Moving across different terrains is one of the eminent challenge in migration. Matriach has taken various trips in life and has experience of crossing rivers during different times of the year. She decides when to cross and if there is a need to hold on. Such wise decisions in our life comes through experience and having a vocal family and community which shares learnings and knowledge with transparency can help us repeat the same mistake of our yester generation.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Reaching the greenlands. Price of migration. Once you cross all the hurdles in your path, your reach your destination. The land of the green with lots of trees and plants. You choose to stay here for the next few months until the summer is about to be over. During this time Elephants enjoy eating and resting in the lush. Young elephants play in the surrounding. Life looks like a heaven. But it only lasts until it’s time to move again and go back to the place you have come from. This is like you going to a foreign land or a different city for work or business and thrive there. But you choose to come back often to your hometown.

Elephants are known to take care of orphan elephants as their own. Female elephants milk the young ones of a distant relative who is no more.

After enjoying the lush and green, it’s time to go back. It may seem when we are in a state of Bliss that there is nothing more to life then enjoying it to the fullest. But as the Matriach knows, so must you, when it’s time to move. If you start late you will not make in time for monsoon. If you start too early then you will risk losing someone of dehydration. The critical time to move lies in the times when you are completely lost in the fun. And only the leader will guide through the critical decisions.

Danger of the predators. The return journey is accompanied with its own challenges. You may go back the same route but things are never going to remain the same. By the knowledge passed on by generations of migration, it becomes clear which path is safer and appropriate as per the time of year. In past, there might have been encounters of lose or mistakes, the survivers become the leader and they improve upon the previous journeys and decisions. Hence the eldest female of the herd, is the most knowledgeable and compassionate of them all, because she has seen all kinds of challenges, troubles, loss, happiness and encounters. By taking a path through the territory of the Lions, elephants risk themselves, but it seems to be the closest way to reach home.

Arrival of death. Many a times during such journeys through the wild for migration and teaching their next generation, comes with a price. The price is losing some of your own kind. Sometimes it’s the young killed by a predator or being washed away in river. Even though elephants are deeply protective of their young ones, they do have their fair share of remorse. Elephants are known to take care of orphan elephants as their own. Female elephants milk the young ones of a distant relative who is no more. Far supersedes the deeds of us humans in many cases. We must learn to be compassionate and kind like elephants with no selfish motive.

Photo by shy sol on Pexels.com

After death. Life goes on. New Matriach. If the life cycle of a Matriach comes to an end, she lives quitely while performing all her duties. Sometimes while protecting the herd while other times when she can’t walk anymore because of her age. When elephants encounter death of family member or distant relative, they mourn over the loss. They gather around and pay respect to them by touching with their trunk. They grieve over the loss. They are believed to shed tears for long time. Elephants recognize each other well. They also identify other species like humans and remember them for many years. The loss of a Matriach, means the rise of a new female. She has to take up the responsibility of the herd. Often she is accompanied close to the Matriach since many years for getting trained in taking care of the herd, making the decisions, keeping an eye on the young as well as confronting any dangers that come in their way.

Leadership continues. Being close to one another, elephants learn from the old and pass on the knowledge to one another. They are perfect example of strength in group. When a new female takes over the charge of the group, she has already been trained for the job. In unfortunate conditions this may not be the case, but in usual situations, elephants are preparing next Matriach in the calm, wise, smart and capable female. When it’s time, she takes the role of leader and protector. She takes decisions just like her elders. She learns by her mistakes too but quickly bounces back to better at what she does. And the Matriach continues.

They are just like us or may be we are like them, yet to become good at what they are like.

Return to the homeland. Arrival of monsoon. When the herd reaches homeland just in time for Monsoon, it is the best time for them. They feel the energy, vibe and excitement to run. They follow the wind and rush as fast as they can. It is like the child running home after school. It is like a youngster coming back to his hometown from hostel. It is like a parent coming back from foreign land after years. You cannot stop yourself. Home is calling you and you want to be there soon. When it rains, they jump in the water, swim, play, bathe and drink until their hearts fill. They experience the feeling which is same as climbing a mountain and getting water at the top.

By taking migration every year they go through so many things over and over again with some new members joining the group, while missing the old who have left them. Going through the journey of migration by 🐘 is like going through over own. It is a journey of love, survival, leadership, decisions, difficulties, dangers, resilience, knowledge and family. They are just like us or may be we are like them, yet to become good at what they are like.

If you like to know more about 🐘 then watch following episodes about Elephants and migration.