COVID-19 from being a pandemic to becoming a stigma slowly

There seems to be certain level of awareness regarding the COVID19 but within the attempt to raise awareness, there has been perforation of various uncertainties, which has led to the stigma, disassociation and fear in a way. The resultant response is not very clear from the suffering, neither from the people people around. Any respiratoryContinue reading “COVID-19 from being a pandemic to becoming a stigma slowly”

Be considerate during this tough times

Continuous lockdown or lockdown like situation has impacted a lot of us in ways we have never been trained for. We do not have the slightest of experience where in everyone we know is going through it. The scale at which the experience of a virus going around in life as well the sheer responseContinue reading “Be considerate during this tough times”

A little act of kindness goes long way

This post Bundle of CONFIDENCE with LOVE…!!! was originally posted on IDOL ROSE blog by DILINIWIJESINGHE, a kind heart young lady from Sri Lanka, the original owner of the content. This post along with featured image has been republished after seeking permission, without any change in content apart from displacement of images and change in titleContinue reading “A little act of kindness goes long way”

Having a bad day ? Going through bad mood ! Try this

Breaking the chain of anger and bad mood. Beautiful start of the day. Early morning he wakes up and gets ready. He kisses his wife morning, hugs his daughter and eats his breakfast. He takes a ride to office via cab. He wishes good day to the cab driver. He reaches office. He makes hisContinue reading “Having a bad day ? Going through bad mood ! Try this”


Surat is under lockdown since 25th March 2020, along with other districts of India due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused by novel corona virus SARS-CoV-2. Currently there is no known solution to treat this disease and social distancing along with rigourous hygiene practices like frequently washing hands, avoiding touching of surfaces and faces, using sanitizer,Continue reading “DISINFECTION IN SURAT BY SMC DURING COVID19 PANDEMIC”


SURAT: Jignesh Gandhi, a 44-year-old businessman from the city, has taken up the cudgels to feed more than 1,000 poor people ever since the lockdown, twice a day. What’s more he even personally visits the localities to provide the food. “I come from a very poor family and have seen struggle in my life. IContinue reading “HEROES OF SURAT | SURAT BUSINESSMAN FEEDS 1000 PEOPLE DURING LOCKDOWN”