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Tennis is more than just sports, it’s a religion

Tennis, lawn tennis is one of the top grossing global sports with Grand Slams, WTA tours, ATP tours, Challenger tours and friendly matches. Tennis is played between two players in singles match and four players in doubles match. It could be men’s single, women’s single, men’s doubles, women’s doubles or mixed doubles. But that’s just not all. There is more to it than meets the eye.

Tennis is a saga. There are million dollars prize money, world tours, tournaments in many countries, schedules, sponsors, umpires, ball boys, referees and fans across the world. But is tennis just about the game, sports, winning and losing, finals, tickets, tours, locations or money. I believe tennis is much more than just a game, it is a religion, like no other.

Tennis teaches you discipline. Sports often is not about the games, rounds or matches. It is about the number of hours you have put in practice and the various strategies and tactics that you have learnt. Tennis is an individual sports. It is about standing tall all through the game from the start till the end. At any moment if you slip, rest, loose focus or get carried away, then the tables can turn for you.

Tennis teaches you dedication. It is about getting up in the morning and training for hours. It is about perfecting your serve, your return, backhand, slice or your volley. It is about practicing to approaching the net or your movement across the court. You must strengthen your muscles, your legs, your biceps, your mind and your body. You cannot be lazy or late.

Image : Pexels

You must train, train and train only to become so good at it, that when you get into the court, you are most of the time feeling a natural flow. Otherwise you may win a match but you will not win a tournament. You may be a good player but you might not become a champion. As they say a champion is who has trained hard when it felt it cannot be done any more.

Tennis teaches you resilience.

Tennis teaches you simplicity.

Tennis teaches you about respect, honor and dignity.

Tennis is timeless. People from all walks of life and other sports come to witness sporting events greatest moments in the finals of Grand Slams. It is about witness history in the making. It is as if you are looking at the finest qualities of human when put through the toughest challenge. It takes the seniors to their era and make them relieve those moments. It ignites the spirit of other sportsmen. It inspires the next generation to become not just a great glorified champion but a true honorable sportsman who will live in the memories of people in the times to come. It is about becoming Immortal.

Tennis messes with your mind, it haunts you and it makes you want to scream out loud but at the same time it takes you through the silence of a river in plains, deep forests and dark nights to awaken your inner spirits about life, passion, fighting spirit, grit, compassion and humanity. It takes you to the heights of a mountain and then throws you down to the depths of oceans, teaching you to be strong and humble at the same time.

Tennis is life and life is tennis. All the noise, hate, love, pressure, challenges, race towards tournaments, matches, rivals, competitors, events and controversies create heaviness in your heart and mind. Your family comes to your rescue. Tennis families are one of the best families in the world. Your coach, your physician, your friends are your strength in good times and bad times.

Image credit : Pexels

Tennis is one man show, individual sport. You are alone in the court and it teaches about sustainability, independence and self-work. It makes you go through the tough rides in some of the greatest moments in tennis history and as you are making them, you have to hold your nerves and put on a show.

Tennis turns young boys into men. Tennis teaches you to drink through the pain of lose and rising up from failures. It teaches you to gulp through your lose in face and stand up on the podium to speak about it. It teaches you to treat both the lose and victory alike. It is like the verse from Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”.

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;   

Rudyard Kipling

Tennis is about sportsmanship and more. Tennis teaches you to be good sports person, a good partner, a good parent, a good friend, a good child and overall a good human being. It teaches you to be good friends. Tennis is about becoming the better version of yourself. Tennis teaches you about life, whether you a player, commentator or spectator. It takes you on a journey of life. It turns young boys into young men, who inspire generations of human current and past likewise. Tennis is about sportsmanship.

If good life is about living to be a good human and spreading love, care, positivity around the world. Then Tennis is one such part of life that teaches you to live it completely.

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Create value in your work


Imagine you have a diamond necklace which costs around 10 lakh Rs. You bought it with all your hard earnings. Also you have a necklace that has been passed on from your great-grandmother. It was used by her, then her daughter, your mother and now it has been passed on to you. You have been keeping it with lot of care and affection. It is a silver necklace which costs around 1 lakh Rs.

Do something frequently that scares you.

When you run into a crisis situation led by whatever reason like corona, economic slowdown, bankruptcy of a company or other reasons local or global, you are to make a choice of giving up something to carry on with your life. You can either let go of the diamond necklace or your family inheritance. Often in such situations, we are ready to give up the diamond necklace, even if we have bought with all our savings. Even at one time it felt like a dream of life to own it, you are now ready to let go of it.

Why is that, because you value your grandmother’s necklace more than anything. It is because you can earn again and buy another diamond necklace, possibly even expensive one but you will not be able to reproduce the age old tradition of that particular necklace. It is the value that is hidden in the necklace.

So the diamond necklace is expensive and costly, while the great granny necklace is valuable and of innate importance to you.

In life we can create value for ourselves just like the grandmother’s necklace. We can choose to shine like a diamond but with any kind of attachment or value, in long run however expensive or famous it may be, things may get a twist. It is not that we may not perceive to gain more or shine more, but it is equally important to understand the inherent value associated with everything you do, especially your job. You must learn to create some value addition in your job and the things that you do.

If you are doing the same thing in the same way that you have been doing 5 years back then probably you haven’t gained any value. You may have become good at what you are doing, you may get paid well, you may get promoted but without the additional growth, value and importance put into yourself, with time things fade away. Especially when there is a crisis or a situation, certain aspect of life may take a turn. Sometimes the technology or the craftsmanship in which you are an expert might be no longer in use or has lost its popularity or importance in general walks of life. Even in that situation, you are force to relook at your abilities and skills.

So work hard or work smart, but work to create value for yourself and your surroundings.

Sky gazing in Surat – May 2020

In Surat, India
Co-ordinates are 21.1 ° N latitude 72.8° E longitude

03-05-2020 8 PM onwards

Scorpius & Libra Constellation
Stars – Antares, Shaula, Rigil, Hadar, Spica, Regulus, Algieba


Sky at night keeps moving every hour due to the rotation of Earth. So the stars move across the sky over the night. Stars also appear 4 minutes earlier every night. So with change in month, as you keep observing every night, you will find stars have shifted their position compared to previous night. And if you look for long enough like 6 months, you will find the entire sky has changed over that duration, since the Earth has rotated across the other point in it’s orbit around the Sun.

Stars appear 4 minutes earlier every night.


It is mid of summer here in Surat as we move into the month of May,. Surat was under lockdown from 25 March 2020 due to the on-going corona virus caused COVID-19 global pandemic. So there was not much activity carried out in terms of sky-gazing during the month of April 2020. However we start with new enthusiasm in May 2020.

Dark sky is clear. The best location to start look at is in the East for it is where the sky rises and it helps to keep track of the timing, position and movement. Little after sunset, if you look towards the South-East sky you will be able to spot a bright star – ANTARES. This will be a good starting point to explore the south sky.

Let your eyes get adjusted to the darkness. It will take around 30 minutes for a good enough experience.

Once you identify Antares, which is the brightest star in Scorpius constellation as well as one of the brightest star in the night sky. It will appear slightly reddish if you observe carefully. Following the Antares, you can go up and track the 3 stars of the constellation which look like the claws of the scorpion image. Two of them will be distinctly visible, the other one will take some time for you to adjust and identify.

Then it’s time to track SHAULA, which is bright enough to be spotted easily. Once you have the overlying area of the constellation. Keep looking for other smaller stars. It will depend on light pollution in your surrounding, air pollution, your eye sight, clouds in sky and other parameters. But if you keep looking, you will develop an habit of finding out details of the constellation and be able to find other dim stars. Hence completing your observation and tracking of Scorpius constellation.

Use star tracker apps like Sky-View or SkySafari to identify and spot the stars easily with the help of view finder.

It may take around an hour to be able to completely get the imprinting of a scorpion image on whose comparison in ancient world drew the pictures in their minds about the sky. At around 10 PM, the constellation would be high enough to be completely in view. If you are surrounded by buildings, then wait for the constellation to rise higher. You will be able to see it in the zenith, highest point in sky at around 12 AM or so. That would be the best time to view. If you are a night owl, then it is the best experience.



As you go higher in sky above Scorpius, you will be able to see 4 stars forming a quadrilateral. These stars are part of Libra constellation. 3 of those stars will be visible easily. Use app to see dimmer stars. Surrounding the sky in that area, other 4 to 5 stars are fairly visible and shine brighter, captivating your attention.

Facing exactly towards the south, you will see two stars shining bright like a light bulb in some buildings. Those two stars RIGIL and HADAR will stay close to the horizon. Other stars facing south which shine bright during the entire winter season in Surat are CANOPUS & REGOR.

Sky appears different based on your latitude. You will never be able to see some stars from your location. You will have to go either North or South.

If you look up the night sky over your head after 10 PM, you will see a bright star twinkling, that is SPICA. It is part of VIRGO constellation. Other stars are not so visible, especially due to the close proximity to bright Moon.

Moon was shining bright in LEO constellation for the last 2 nights. The bright star shining towards the west of moon was REGULUS. You can also see ALGIEBA. Leo will be going down in the west sky as night falls.

No access to North facing sky tonight. Some updates coming soon.

Some stars don’t seem to be twinkling, they are planets.

Weekly updates from Surat – Lockdown 3.0 against Corona


India goes into Lockdown 3.0 after announcement from the centre. India went into nation-wide lockdown from 25th March 2020 for 21 days. All districts were closed for movement. Social distancing, quarantine, self-isolation, clustering, hotspots, sanitization and such words become everyday norm. By the end of 21 days, it was felt there is need for extension of lockdown as the cases still were shooting up. On 15 April 2020, extension of lockdown was announced till 3rd May, which will make the entire lockdown duration of 40 days.

By the end of April, the curve for corona cases had gone flat. It was reported that the doubling rate, which was initially 5 days for some locations has gone beyond 10 to 15 days. It was signal that things were under control and situation was getting towards exit protocol. As the industries, factories and many markets were shutdown, people working as daily wagers and laboraries had their own worries to sustain in this circumstances. So it was decided to further move migrant laborers and stranded people to their respective locations by prior seeking permissions, following norms and under-going medical screenings and quarantines as per the severity of cases from their origin of travel location.

Aviation, Railways and State Transports remain shut during lockdown.

By the end of April, lockdown was extended for 2 more weeks, which is termed as Lockdown 3.0 and categorize all locations under various zones based on the cases, severity and frequency in occurence. All locations were classified into RED, ORANGE and GREEN zones. New norms were set as per zones. India seems to be slowly getting back to it’s normal flow. We will have to see how things unfold in the next two weeks.

Majority of cases are seen in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur, Surat and likewise. Sudden surge in the cases during the first few weeks have left a strong mark on the stabilization of the situation in these cities. But with time, things have returned to the new normal. With health care raising it’s standards and citizens adopting to the situation, gradually everything set into place.

Schools, Colleges, Companies, Factories & many Industries remain shut during lockdown.

Surat fights against corona. Surat being one of the densely populated cities in India as well as the fastest growing cities, it did see the face of corona in its true sense. First week was filled with confusion and eagerness to know what this new global pandemic situation was like. Citizens were stocking up and getting prepared for the situation of lockdown and social distancing. Certain areas were identified as hotspots and soon they were clustered from other parts of the city. As testing went on to increase and new areas identified, there was a point when few areas were kept under curfew to curb the spread of corona cases.

Essential supplies and medical stores were kept open. Proper care was taken to provide relief measures to the needy and stranted. Movement was allowed with the localities during certain hours of the day. With days passing by new norms were being adopted. Satization, disinfection and wearing of masks in public places became the new norm. Covid care centre, hospital, quarantine hostels and home quarantine became part of every day linguistics. Within few weeks, situation was under control. Testing capacity got increased, active survelliance team were able to identify and trace the cases by their expertize, sampling became effective, new areas were identify in early on and clustered. Strong action was being taken against violation of social distancing and movement.

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Wardboys, Police & Corporation Staff emerge as real Heroes.

In time, everyone got adapted to the situation. Many NGOs rose up to the situation and did every bit of their help in making the city function smoothly. SMC used modern digital technologies to track, trace, locate, update and keep things in check. Schools & colleges started to conducted online classes.

Surat looks to slowly start unfolding it’s arm from these week and by the end of lockdown 3 if the cases go down, city will start to return back it’s usual with hustle and movement.


as of 3rd May 2020, morning

SURAT Corona Updates

Confirmed Positive : 638
Active Cases : 477
Patient Recovered : 133
Total Death : 28
Cases Tested : 11879
Under Quarantine : 2199

GUJARAT Corona Updates

Confirmed Positive : 5054
Patient Recovered : 896
Total Death : 262
Cases Tested : 74116
Under Quarantine : 45739


INDIA Corona Updates

Active Cases : 28046
Discharged/Cured : 10632
Deaths : 1301
Total Tested : 976363

State / UTConfirmedActiveRecoveredDeaths

Captivating drone view of Indian Cities during lockdown

We are all staying at home in our fight with corona virus led COVID19 pandemic. During this time, it is an interesting journey to go through various Indian cities via a virtual tour using drone shots by various folks. As we see that our cities look cleaner, beautiful, captivating and serene almost the least. The cities start to look new and refreshing. Go through them all and mention your favourite in the comment section below. Also what you liked the most about Indian cities. Stay safe and stay healthy.

SURAT, shine right like a Diamond !


MUMBAI, amchi Mumbai global city ahe!


HYDERABAD, combo of Old n New just like it’s biryani


BENGALURU, one is not just enough


CHENNAI, time travel to the Victorian Era !


KOCHI, a drop from God’s own land !


History of Maskati Hospital 1864 Cholera Outbreak

Surat is in lockdown from 25th March 2020 due to the global pandemic COVID19 caused by novel-corona virus SARS-CoV-2. As we all stay at home and take care of our family and dear ones, it is good to visit some episodes in the history of this city, that has always risen after challenging situations be it floods, plague or epidemics.


As we adopt to new way of living with the rise of corona cases across the world, we can learn some valuable lessons from the chapters in history. Here is one such story of an hospital in Surat, which was constructed during the 1864 Cholera outbreak with the help of donations. Such stories create a sense of motivation for us to know, we as human kind have always learn to thrive and survive even some of the dangerous situations. With hopes to curb the current issue in hands, we bring to you this inspiring story from Surat.

In 1864, there was an outbreak of Cholera in Surat, due to which many people were killed. The Collector of that time could convince the donors of Surat to open a new dispensary to serve the poor and needy people of Surat. With generous donations from a Parsi gentleman named Mr. Khursedji Pardumi Parekh, a dispensary called C.F. Parekh dispensary was born. It was laid open by the then Collector of Surat, over period of years, it has developed into a 330 bedded well equipped hospital.

Similarly in 1955, Vohra Maskati family of Surat donated generously to this institute, Then after it became MASKATI CHARITABLE HOSPITAL & C. F. PAREKH DISPENSARY.

At present it is working as non teaching 120 bedded Hospital.


  • 1864 : Established as C.F. Parekh Dispensary.

  • 1865 : Completed construction.
  • 1896 : Saved lives during plague epidemic.
  • 1966 : Recognised for under graduate Medical Student and internship training.
  • 1984 : Blood bank started.
  • 1986 : A.C. I.C.C.U. with all modern Instrument and telematry monitoring system.
  • 1996 : Latest A.C. Burns unit started with 16 separate cabin (A.C.)
  • 2003 : New building of SMIMER Hospital is available, so Maskati Hospital is now non teaching hospital of 120 beds.

    Blood bank shifted to SMIMER Hospital.

SMC is distributing over 9 lakh food packets daily to the needy citizens of Surat, with the help of over 400 NGOs & Akshayapatra.