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Understanding scope of Science with the help of Cricket


Most of us understand things in life when we look around for examples. Some things are easier to be understood when correlated with everyday things. One such correlation as an example to understand the scope of Science can be found in Cricket.

The game of Cricket!

Cricket is a game of ball, bat and wickets. It is a game in which a bowler bowls a ball to a batsman playing at other end of pitch trying to defend or attack the ball while saving his wicket. And there are other players who are fielding in the ground. And so many other aspects to it regarding the rules and regulations as well as the nomenclature.

Scope of Cricket

However cricket is played at various levels such as gully cricket, box cricket, in a ground and in a stadium. As well as various formats like T20, ODI and Test. In each format the number of overs are different and the strategy of game differs. As well as where it is played, the context of the game changes. However fundamental of the game remains the same. A batsman playing against a ball bowled by the bowler and trying to score runs.

In gully cricket it may be considered out if one hits the ball hard enough or in the sky beyond limits considering it may hit someone or break someone’s window glass. Whereas the same stroke with power would fetch one a boundary or a sixer in a stadium. In the context of the game and the situation the norms and expectations are changed.

Basic Science

Now let’s take the same stuff into Science. When one tries to understand the concepts of science like Light, Atoms, Energy, Plants, Human body systems and so on, at the school level, they are expected to gain basic understanding of the concepts. That may include, not limited to, the definitions, descriptions, examples and understanding the whats. Sometimes it includes the why and how of a concept in a simpler way without going into details, just like the gully cricket.

The same concept can be stretched on to understand in detail at college level, research level and some questions remain unanswered by science till date. We may reach to the closer approximation or explanation of something but we cannot affirm the confirmation of many things. Science certainly can explain and reproduce many events completely but some remain to be puzzled yet.

When any particular concept or topic is taken up in detail, it starts to behave similar to an international match in an championship event. It has many facets to it and everything is almost dynamic. So what should be the approach to learn Science. What is the simplest explanation of Science like that of cricket.

Approach to Science!

To be good at Science and to embrace it completely one must continue to be curious, be inquisitive to understand something well, ask questions, observe things acutely and connect all the information they have absorbed and if possible conduct experiments or further observation to base their understanding on firm provable and reproduceable facts and experiments.

Growth in Science

Often there may be no direct answers to the simple questions one may have at early age in school to the questions like why there are thunderstorms, how does it rain exactly, how do plants grow, why there are only 7 colors in a rainbow and many other things. Even though we may explain things in a simpler way by introducing the concepts like photosynthesis, refraction, precipitation and many other at early stage. Mere definitions and name should not be considered to be the final conclusion of something. By asking further questions one may learn more and giving rise to even more questions. In the quench to understand something a new discovery may await us. That’s how Science grows.

An example makes is easier to understand.

But all be said, within the scope of the game you must restrict yourself from playing shots in the air in gully cricket and hit harder in stadium. Same way one must learn to be flexible yet firm to understand and immerse in Science.

Gujarat GSEB & GSHSEB Duplicate Marksheets, Passing Certificate and Migration Certificate Online

Gujarat Education Board conducts exams for 10th and 12th standard every year for thousands of candidates. All the records were maintained in register from the year 1952 to 2019 for 10th standard and 1978 to 2019 for 12th standard. For all purpose of duplicate marksheets, passing certificate, students had to visit in person at Gandhinagar. Every year from all districts of Gujarat, many students would come to Gujarat to collect their migration certificates or duplicate marksheets.

Gujarat Education Board has now under taken the task of digitisation of over 5 crore students passing records. The process to provide duplicate marksheets and passing certificate will be now done via online application. Inauguration for the same was done by Education Minister Mr. BhupendraSinh on 17th February 2020.

Gujarat 10th and 12th Duplicate Marksheet, Migration Certificate and Passing Certificate & Equivalency Certificate online application process

Here on students can get there duplicate marksheet/passing certificate or migration certificate via online from gsebeservice.com following the navigation onf Student –> Online Student services. They have apply online application. Application fees for Duplicate marksheet/passing certificate is 50 Rs and Migration certificate fees is 100 Rs, where as Equivalency certificate would cost 200 Rs. Additional charges for speed post would apply which is 50 Rs. So students can now avail this service sitting at home by applying online. This will reduce the hurdle of processing everything manually and visiting board office in Gandhinagar. You will have to register online with a valid email ID and phone number.

This is a wonderful step taken by Gujarat Education Board as well as Gujarat Government to digitize all the records of 10th and 12th examination results. For any queries please comment below or visit GSEB website for further details.