Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal 3

Love completes you ! Love is not subjective as it is projected in modern life.Love is not complicated as seen in Facebook status.Because it is not a statusIt is a feeling underneathYour chestWhich helps you to realiseThat the body you ownThe lungs that purify your bloodThe heart that pumps the bloodBecome meaningfulWhen you find yourContinue reading “Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal 3”

Musings : Don’t be selfish, just be human

Don’t be selfish all the time that only thing that you think about is you and your family. Don’t be selfish so much that the only thing that matters to you is how much wealth you accumulate, even though you know you won’t carry it with you Don’t be selfish so much that you areContinue reading “Musings : Don’t be selfish, just be human”

Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal 2

What is Love ! Love is an experience.Love is a feeling.Love is monumental.Love is mesmerising.Love is uplifting.Love is beyond time.Love is beyond life.Love is eternal.Love transforms.Love is in the heart.Love signifies.Love is significant.Love is pure.Love is divine. ~ BHANU (Influenced on visiting The Taj Mahal)

Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal

Love is not when everything is going according to your plan Love is when everything seems to be dark and you are in the middle of nowhere and it is raining heavily, you smile thinking about her how it makes all the difference Because love is not about just sharing your money, bed, luxury orContinue reading “Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal”

Weekly Corona Updates from Surat | Lockdown 4.0 Day 61

24 May 2020, Surat. Surat in Lockdown 4.0 Surat along with other major cities in India which are affected by corona severely have been under Lockdown 4.0 making it around 61 days now from the start since 25 March 2020. After the initial worry and hustle, slowly the city along with the administrators got holdContinue reading “Weekly Corona Updates from Surat | Lockdown 4.0 Day 61”

Festivals in India : Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Mahavir on Chaitrya Sud Triyodashi. Mahavir is consider to be the founder or proposer of modern day Jainism. Jainism is one of the oldest religions known today and its origins lie in India. Theologians often classify Jainism as a philosophy, a way of living life, rather than aContinue reading “Festivals in India : Mahavir Jayanti”