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Why every girl deserves a fair chance to stand on her feet

When I meet parents of a young girl who want their daughter to complete her education and get married by the age of 18 so they can feel fulfilled about their responsibility in life, I feel sad and disappointed by their views on life. They are ready to spend 10-20 lakhs on her marriage and dowry but they cannot send her to a better school nor provide her with extra facilities that may help her secure good grades or acquire skills that may help her become something in her life. And there is no question of support in case the girl wants to become something unconventional like singer, dancer, painter or likewise. Even those who have big dreams of professional life aligned with academics are not given a fair chance to prove their worth.

If you do not let them get a fair chance to do what they possibly can you are jeopardizing their entire life into a cyclic loop of compromise and confusion.

Everytime you say a girl to clean the house because that is what you believe she is going to do her entire life, you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

Everytime you expect a girl to believe that it’s her responsibility to take care of family, have kids and nurture them and there is nothing more to her life, you are causing more damage than good.

Everytime you tell her to not have dreams and just follow the cycle of life, you are pulling back an entire kin to be lost about life.

So wake from your false narration and weakness. If you do not have what it takes to give them the leverage to explore life and become something, what you can possibly do is at least support her until she can stand on her feet and prove that she can do it.

If you cannot give something than you have no right to revoke anything, including her future and dreams.

So believe in her and believe in yourself. In the days things turn tough and difficult, hold on until the good times come. Make every possible attempt to give equal and open fair chance to every girl and the world will slowly become a better place. You will be liberated from your from your bondages and give her freedom to live in this world with confidence and openness.

Love Stories : 5. The story of 19 years of Unconditional Love by a Woman

She was a woman in lower middle class, uneducated and married at a very young age. She was a mother of 5. She had faced lot of struggles in life, but one of them is something that out stands all of them.

She was a symbol of compassion, care and kindness. Her husband lost his left limbs in paralysis. He was dysfunctional. He could merely speak. She served him for 19 years incessantly in the same way. She used to work from morning till night in his care. She would make him tea early in the morning with some biscuits and repeat making tea for another 3-4 times, whenever he demanded. She used to then cook food for him and take a nap in the noon. She used to clean his shit everytime he used the loo. She used to bathe him every morning. She would help him walk around the tricky corners of the house and assist him to sit on his asana all day where he would be visited by lot of ongoers in the neighborhood. He was man spoken of being very strong in his youth and hence lot of followers.

She devoted her life to him. She did this irrelevant of her feeling unwell. She never travelled to far land lest he would be alone. She never went away for her relaxation. For 19 years every single day, she was with him. She took care of him.

She never complained much about her condition, however she felt tired of the work and might weep in hours of dismay in discussions with daughters in her neighborhood. But she never ever left him. When time called, he had to leave her alone. He went on his path to heaven. World spoke of the freedom, she got after his death and how peacefully she can live there on. Little did they know what would follow.

After his death, she lost her health. She became weak and soon she was diagnosed of cancer. She followed him to heaven within a year.

Was it his love for her that kept her alive ?
Was her love for him that kept her alive ?
Was it her worry about him, what would happen of him after her, that kept her alive ?Was her pain in love stronger than the pain in her body, that oversaw what was happening to her and kept her sustain it ?
Was it mere coincidence ?

Did he call her to after-life !

What was that made her love him unconditionally for so long ?

Was she devoted to him and was it her devotion to see her husband as a God ?

She was a woman with some virtues in my eyes.

What is she to you ?


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Love Stories : 2. The Story of Mr Perfect

This is the story of a Mumbaikar guy. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and was good at academics. He did computer engineering and fell in love with a girl in his department. They both were good at academics and it was the pair of the brains as well as beauty. He looks handsome and is well built. They both got married few years after college.

He got a job in IT firm and worked as software engineer. He was interested to start his own business or enterprise so he took tuition classes during college and after getting job. He created a small team to work on building a website as well as started working on new software. He got acquainted with one of the latest technology and he got an opportunity in his firm to fly onsite.

He went onsite and started working from there. She was here staying at his home with his parents. He used to manage cooking on his own to bring about some change once in a while. He managed to get his onsite extended as he was working well on his project and technology. He is good at communication and marketing, so naturally gets the best of things.

Happily staying together. He arranged to bring his wife to his place in foreign land. They both are staying together and enjoying life. He manages a small enterprise as well on his own where he gets some clients and earns sufficiently good enough.

He is an all-rounder. He is charming, sweet and good at taking decisions and making calls. He takes challenges as opportunities and works to overcome them. He is ambitious and very passionate about living a successful life. He has achieved many things in life till now and he is on a path to achieve some more.

Love Passion Success. He got married to the girl whom he liked and she liked him too. They both are into each other and have been living a beautiful life of care, love and kindness. The story looks like if he comes from a rich background but that’s not it is so. He has worked from living in a single bedroom house to going a living a luxurious life in foreign country.

Work on your dreams and they will come. This has happened because he has kept himself aligned and disciplined. He is always thinking about improving himself and is very dedicated to his dreams. He is vocal and very positive in his outlook. Because of the experiences and exposures he has gone through in his life, he has learnt many things which help him to face some more things of larger magnitude and achieve things not easily done.

Be who you want to be and build yourself for it. He reads a lot of success stories and business ideas. He is engrossed in his life of becoming who he wants to be. They both enjoy dinners together and making special moments worthwhile. He gifts her. Life has been good for them and many more things to come.


Do you like to write stories. Are you a budding writer looking for a platform to share their work, then we have space to cover you. Send us your entries and get featured on our website. We will add reference link to your website or social media page. If you send works of others in part or full, provide due credits. Say no to plagiarism.