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Career : I am studying 11th Commerce, which programming language is best for me?

I am a student of 11th Commerce. I feel computer knowledge is necessary in this era. I checked iOS programming language but I didn’t understand. Which programming language is in demand nowadays and which one is best for me?

It is good that you are eager to understand the career prospectives in market at an early age, however I would like to clarify few things for you, so you can make a better decision on your own.

Programming language is an enabler for executing the idea and logic that has been built to create something or to solve a problem. So to understand or be able to do something you must at your age focus on algorithm or the logic in solving problems. Once you get going with the ability to think about any problem statement in the terms of executable steps, you can use any programming language or tool, to create a code which will do the task for you.

As you have no experience in programming languages yet, I would suggest you to work on the same problems that you are solving in your day to day classes for eg statistics and economic problems, using some coding language like C, Python or Java. First of all focus on writing down algorithms for the problem statements and then think through. Learn to write simple codes to execute the same on your preferred coding language. Once you get hang of it, practice other intermediate programming features by learning from books and online courses. As you grow, you can then focus on advance coding and market niche skills.

All the best to your endeavors.

Life inside a shell !

A ten year old who thinks she will become a singer one day practices every evening with new songs and tunes. Parents think that this is just a floating thought and it’s for fun. They never encourage. No special care or attention is given to her. She wins in school competition every year and participates in annual function. With time every year same thing repeats. Neither is she sent to any music classes nor given any training by a professional. She is not even put in the circle of such young minds. Instead she is made fun of by her relatives. She continues to live in her own world believing her self and practicing as often as she can. When reality of life will be at her door, life will uncover what’s in store.

How to choose your career after 10th SSC results

You fix your goal and find your path. You decide at an early age you want to be become a doctor. What kind not sure yet may be. So you are curious about science and learn as much as you can. You must score good enough in science, maths and English during your SSC. It will make you ready to work long hours, stay focused and learn new things without frowning and develop the ability to remember lot of things. It will help you develop your own brain. Then you must choose Biology as your subject in HSC and put your heart out to get good grades. At the same time you must try to understand what is that you are studying and while going through various aspects of biology it will help you think about how you want to contribute to the world. You must understand that being a doctor to earn lot of money is not the kind of world we want to live in. So you must inculcate feelings of compassion, analytical ability and if you happen to narrow down your thoughts to surgery, then you must learn to keep your mind serene. Once you get around 1000 Rank in your state, you have a good chance to get admission into good colleges. So you must look at the cut off of such colleges in the last 3-4 years and then plan your studies after your 11th vacation. Once you are done with your 12th exams, you must then think about which particular branch would suit you or what is the burning issue in the world around you that you want to be able to contribute or probably fix. So slowly following the journey you will reach there. You can talk to other doctors in various fields and learn about what they do in their every day life. You can talk to researchers. You can use platforms like LinkedIn or Quora to connect such professionals. Once you complete your graduation be it in medicine, dental, physiotherapy or any other field of your choice you may continue to become a master in that or continue with your service in hospitals, labs or research institutes.

By knowing where you want to go. By fixing what you want to become, you can follow the path to become that. Same way you can choose to become an engineer, banker, salesman, accountant, singer, painter, wildlife filmmaker, traveller, chef, journalist, model, astronaut, pilot, architect, designer, gamer, entrepreneur, businessman and so on.

Other ways to find your passion, niche and role in life is mentioned below :

You fix your vehicle and travel on your path

You fix your path and follow it to know where it leads

You keep hopping to the next best thing


Passion in India is something your parents decide for you even before you know the meaning of that word.

Passion in India is something that your relatives force it upon you because tour cousin and neighbors have done great in that field and hence you must do the same to have a secure life.

Passion is something your trainer decides how and what you do it, even if you are good at some sports, you wouldn’t even think of it because there is no future in that sports.

Well alas I wonder why we struggle to get a Gold Medal ?

Passion is something you should have so you earn a lot of money in the future and have a secured life.

Passion is something with which you should be able buy a house, car and other livelihood.

Passion is something you should have to be able to get married and weigh yourself in matrimonial procedurings.

Passion is something that defines you are a good egg even if you were supposed to be a plant.

Passion is totally on the wrong track.

Someone who is good at music is forced to become an engineer.

Someone who is good at sports is forced to take up college and work over.

Someone who is good at painting is forced to become someone else.

There are only a few who feel the passion in their heart and then choose to do it and continue to do it till the end of time.

If a guy is passionate to cook and if he is let to do so, he can become one of the best chef of town.

If a girl is passionate to become a naval officer and if she is let to do so, then she can become the best officer of the wing.

If when a kid develops the thoughts of compassion and wants to help people around her, if given enough encouragement and support, we can expect another Mother Teresa.

There are things that shape us when we are young. As humans we are now not at survival war in the jungle, but we have built our own survival laps. We run in the laps without reaching anywhere significantly.

Passion is a word that does not exist from where I come. And when it comes into existence it looses its original form and is merely a word to say but not felt within.

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