Migratory Birds Seagulls visit Surat every winter

Seagulls visit Tapi River banks in Surat every year during winter in large numbers. They come in thousands and stay here for 3-4 months from November to February. This year as well they have come to taste Surti food for which they have become adapted and habituated for. It seems they keep coming to tasteContinue reading “Migratory Birds Seagulls visit Surat every winter”

Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo, Surat

Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo is located in Surat and one of the top attractions here. It is owned and managed by the local government body here, Surat Municipal Corporation. Spread in about 81 acres, Sarthana Zoo was established in 1984 and since then slowly grown to be one of the favorite picnic spots inContinue reading “Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo, Surat”

Places to visit near by Surat

Beaches Dandi (50 km) Ubhrat (40 km) Tithal (90km) Daman (Union Territory) (120km) Temples Pavagadh (200km) Shirdi (300km) Triambakeshwar (Jyotirling) (270 km) Poicha (140km) Fun Saputara (Hill Station, Waterfall, Garden) (150km) Narmada Sardar Sarovar (Dam View) (160km) Statue of Unity (World’s Tallest Statue) (150km)

Flamingos visit Tapi River, Surat in large number every year

Flamingos visit Surat near the banks of Tapi River every year in large number. Over the last few years, the number of birds flocking in had gone down severly. However this year, large group of Flamingos was seen enjoying in the muddy little islands in the Tapi River, stretching from Pal to Magdalla. Flamingo is aContinue reading “Flamingos visit Tapi River, Surat in large number every year”