For Anne Gregory by W B Yeats

This poem is a conversation between a young man and a young woman. What are they arguing about? “Never shall a young man,Thrown into despairBy those great honey-colouredRamparts at your ear,Love you for yourself aloneAnd not your yellow hair.” “But I can get a hair-dyeAnd set such colour there,Brown, or black, or carrot,That young menContinue reading “For Anne Gregory by W B Yeats”

You are the radiance of life, let it bloom !

You are the radiance of lifeAnd the spark that lies in youOozes to come out blueYes there is something different about youAnd that’s what makes you special tooFor if we do what we facedWe will all be left with no placeSo spread your wings wideFor you have to fly over the tideCarry away all theContinue reading “You are the radiance of life, let it bloom !”

Poetry : Blissful Friendship

Whether you are on top of hill or near a lakeside Whether it’s morning or noon Whether you are hungry or stomach full Whether it’s highway or mudway Whether you are on pillion seat or on driver seat Whether you are tired or excited Whether there bumps in the way or a smooth road WhetherContinue reading “Poetry : Blissful Friendship”

Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal 3

Love completes you ! Love is not subjective as it is projected in modern life.Love is not complicated as seen in Facebook status.Because it is not a statusIt is a feeling underneathYour chestWhich helps you to realiseThat the body you ownThe lungs that purify your bloodThe heart that pumps the bloodBecome meaningfulWhen you find yourContinue reading “Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal 3”

Poetry : Love Poems from Taj Mahal 2

What is Love ! Love is an experience.Love is a feeling.Love is monumental.Love is mesmerising.Love is uplifting.Love is beyond time.Love is beyond life.Love is eternal.Love transforms.Love is in the heart.Love signifies.Love is significant.Love is pure.Love is divine. ~ BHANU (Influenced on visiting The Taj Mahal)