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Are we humans to be self-sufficient or coexisting or dependent ?

One thought – a lion kept in zoo is no more aggressive and gets it’s food on time without much efforts

Does it make lion less enabled for the wild ?

Same way a grown human must fend for self or be provided

If provided does that make them any less capable to deal with the nuances of life

And if not so is it meant to be togetherness and domestication as we live in social structure

But if then so, are we actually still in the process of looking out for each other as in the wild,

Since now the threat is not always equally applicable to all unless it’s a global pandemic

Have we come to a loophole ?

Love Stories : 2. The Story of Mr Perfect

This is the story of a Mumbaikar guy. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and was good at academics. He did computer engineering and fell in love with a girl in his department. They both were good at academics and it was the pair of the brains as well as beauty. He looks handsome and is well built. They both got married few years after college.

He got a job in IT firm and worked as software engineer. He was interested to start his own business or enterprise so he took tuition classes during college and after getting job. He created a small team to work on building a website as well as started working on new software. He got acquainted with one of the latest technology and he got an opportunity in his firm to fly onsite.

He went onsite and started working from there. She was here staying at his home with his parents. He used to manage cooking on his own to bring about some change once in a while. He managed to get his onsite extended as he was working well on his project and technology. He is good at communication and marketing, so naturally gets the best of things.

Happily staying together. He arranged to bring his wife to his place in foreign land. They both are staying together and enjoying life. He manages a small enterprise as well on his own where he gets some clients and earns sufficiently good enough.

He is an all-rounder. He is charming, sweet and good at taking decisions and making calls. He takes challenges as opportunities and works to overcome them. He is ambitious and very passionate about living a successful life. He has achieved many things in life till now and he is on a path to achieve some more.

Love Passion Success. He got married to the girl whom he liked and she liked him too. They both are into each other and have been living a beautiful life of care, love and kindness. The story looks like if he comes from a rich background but that’s not it is so. He has worked from living in a single bedroom house to going a living a luxurious life in foreign country.

Work on your dreams and they will come. This has happened because he has kept himself aligned and disciplined. He is always thinking about improving himself and is very dedicated to his dreams. He is vocal and very positive in his outlook. Because of the experiences and exposures he has gone through in his life, he has learnt many things which help him to face some more things of larger magnitude and achieve things not easily done.

Be who you want to be and build yourself for it. He reads a lot of success stories and business ideas. He is engrossed in his life of becoming who he wants to be. They both enjoy dinners together and making special moments worthwhile. He gifts her. Life has been good for them and many more things to come.


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Best movie to watch during lockdown – Tito And The Birds (2018)

Tito and the Birds (2018) is a movie about humans, birds, fear and outbreaks. The relevance of this movie to the pandemic and how fear spreads through our society is captured beautifully.

Consistently perserve what you believe. Tito is a little kid who is inspired by his father to invent, experiment and follow his passion. He feels that he is the reason his father has left them and he wants to bring his father back. He works on the only way he thinks it’s possible by building the machine. Because of his constant believe in such thoughts, it helps him to fight the trouble that lands in their city.

Always be loving, caring and connected. He is always caring for his father, mother and friends. He is concerned about the birds too. He goes far enough into the troubles for protecting and curing his friend. He fights all his while for bringing back his father. His friend, she is always a protector and motivator. The combination of friendship, youth and clean heart is always a winner.

Follow your culture, stories and lessons from life. Tito is inspired by stories and observations. He understands things from different perspective. Sometimes even his Mom does not understand him and scolds him. The cure to fix the ongoing epidemic is hidden in the past and he is able to connect it which his father couldn’t. Being so different is not so bad afterall.

Stay alert, stay safe and stay active. They are little yet very smart. They are active and naive so there isn’t something they think they shouldn’t do. Sometimes they land into bigger troubles because of it, but their self-belief, alertness, bonding with others and selflessness makes them do things that are not seen in everyday life. It makes them some kind of a superhero. Always preserve such feelings in young kids. Motivate and encourage them to face life as it comes and equip them with the resources and mindset to deal with them.

Dreamers are achievers. Dreaming is considered to be not so good in popular culture but some of the great works in literature, science and arts have come from people who were dreamers. Often there is a dream which comes in sleep or some that keeps them awake. People fall their dreams relentlessly to fulfill them. Tito has a dream and it is the key. Even Po has a dream and turns out to be the key in Kung Fu Panda series.

Fear is part of our life but we must always overcome it and let it pass through. There are so many lessons that one can see and learn from this movie. It has so many life lessons about family, dreams, friendship, troubles and culture. There are amazing conversations, motivating lines and captivating dialogues.

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